Offsite access and POS decentralization

Just one simple question. I need to know if Samba can update a single DB from 5 different Point of Sales and if this data can be accessed from 2 offsite locations (Profit and loss, Debtors, Creditors etc.). Also, do these 5 different POS need to be full working computers or can they be just touch screen monitors. The question is on how to set up the above so that I know the hardware required. Thanks.

Yes, use SQL Express 2014 for the database, install it on a PC or one of the POS. You can find more information here about setting it up:

They can’t “just be touch screen monitors”. Either they can be full PCs or Windows tablets. You can also connect via RDP and use Android tablets or iPad but it is a more advanced setup so I suggest to stick to either PCs / POS Terminals / Windows tablets (which are cheaper than Android a lot of the time these days anyway).

If you just want reports, you can setup rules to send reports by email every day, etc

Or you can connect to one of the systems using RDP / TeamViewer or similar remote access software to get occasional access to reports.

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Are you meaning all in one computers rather than just touch screens?
A touch screen in itself is just a monitor, has no picture or anything.
Al all in one is just a monitor with the oc built into it rather than a seperate tower/pc.

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