Online reporting

Hello All,

what is the best way to build online reporting?

is still functional?

I have checked the following but sadly the github link is now showing 404

We prefer metriK for SambaPOS for online reporting. But of course you can build your own online report solution.

The samba graphql API is still available and grown since first implimentation.

thanks @VehbiEmiroglu is it a paid add-on? client is looking for a reporting tools on web browser - not via apps…

thanks @JTRTech - can you point me to a working github source ?

you can get more information in

The API is built in to samba. I’m not aware of any GitHub for premade reporting systems.
But you can use the API to pull the values of a custom report in samba so all you would need to do for basic report would be do the code for the API request and display it.

We havent got any GitHub repo for our GQL solution. But you can find more information in this forum.

when you say metirK for sambapos online reporting, it looks like it is only for apps access only?

Yes now it’s an app which you can install to your mobile device. But web version now developing.