Open & Close Day Button


How can i create open and close day button on my account screen? When click close day buttun the money in my cafe vault will transfer to boss account? when i click open day button the money in boss account transfer to cafe vault. I tried some actions and rules but i am not be succesfull. With automation commanda i create a button. and then with actions i create create account transaction… but it is useless.

Anybody help me?

you then need a rule to link the account transaction action the button, im away from my pc so cant post any details for you at the min.

you will need:

  1. an action that moves the money from cafe vault to boss account
  2. an action that moves the money from the boss account to the cafe vault
  3. button for action 1
  4. button for action 2
  5. an automated command rule using button 1 and add action for cafe vault to boss
  6. an automated command rule using button 2 and add action for boss to cafe vault

make sure you map the rules and they should work fine providing you have correctly set up your account transaction actions

Check out my tutorial for petty cash "Rick’s tutorial 1 till float " Rick's Tutorial 1 - Till Float

That does basically what you want, moves money from one account to another so just change the details to the two account you want to move money to and then do the reverse to move it back. The guide should help you set it up, all you need to do is change the detail for your accounts and map the buttons where you want, the setup is the same


Which rule should i use? I use automation command executed… Is this correct rule?

yea thats right, that will allow you to the select your button below that which links it to the rule, than whatever actions you add to that rule will work when the button is pressed that you have just added in the middle of the rule

I create automation command>>name: Close day>> button: close day

Action>> name:close day>>action type: create account transaction>> account transaction type name: close day account transaction ( debit: payment account (cash), credit: close day account)>>> amount: [amount]

Rule>> name: close day>>> event name: automation command executed>> custom constraint: automation command name equals close day>> select actions: close day

On my close day account screen when i click close day button nothing changes…

Is there any mistake? Why button not working?

@Emre @Jesse @QMcKay @rnunez I solve my problem to cash in at beginning of the day with below topic

In this topic there is a rule (work period started),inside the rule ‘select actions’ and ‘monto’
[?Cual es el…Inicial;;;ON]
What is the above? What does typing means? If i dont write like this [?;;;ON] this screen does not appear.

Looking at the words its something like how much is the initial money so i guess its the amount youre transfering into cash drawer at the start of the day

I use the same rule to do just that, enter my till float value at start of day

Start a new work period and enter a value into the keypad then go to accounts to see what accounts the money moves from an to so you can see whats happening

Also if it is adding your initial cash value to your cash drawer as i suspect have a read at my tutorial RICKS TUTORIAL TILL FLOATS that might help you

@RickH how can i find/learn this language. For example what is difference between { } and [ ] or [: ] i have no idea about this typing or language

The syntax is all over the forum. You can search for syntax and several tutorials will popup as well. Best thing you can do is read the forum like its a book. Read about stuff you may not even plan to use.

As for your specific question earlier. The O enables the OK button the N enables number pad format. The rest of it is formatting for displaying a keyboard with the ? Enabling user input instead of using a set value.


@Jesse @RickH @emre where is the mistake?? When i click close day credit card button (white color) nothing happens.

If your buttons are going to be on the account screen you do not need to make an automation command button for it. The Document has button included.

This means you do not need an action and rule for it.

In your Document Type make sure mapping is set.
Delete the Rule and Action you made.

If you wanted the button so you can put it outside Accounts screen then your action is not set up completely.
You do not have the Account set for the money to be deducted from So what actual account do you want the Money to be deducted from? This is the account you put for Account Name

The action will not work without Account Name filled in. It does not know where to get the money otherwise

Bottom line for Account Name in your Action you should have: Credit Card

Do this and it will work.

When i use with grey button, i enter amount manually it works. But i want to do it automatically with actions,rules and automation command which of them need. In document types mapping set. I want to transfer money from payment accounts>>credit card to boss bank account end of the day(work period).

Read last half of my response I explained why it was not working and highlighted what you should do. You can put [Balance] For it to move the Balance over… or if you want to count it and enter an amount you can leave it blank or put a 0