Open drawer report print

Hello,I would like to know how do I set the drawer to open when the print report end of shift so money can be counted
The second question is how do I set when an item is added to order screen cannot be cancelled only modified,this is only for security purposes so servers cannot steal showing the amount of an item than cancelling order(pocketing cash) and no receipt required by the customer

Go to cancel orders automation command click the admin pin required. Or go to mapping and only map it to admin role.

Ok and if order is started how do I modifie it

So after reading a lot I’m still not finding how to prevent this
I have a quick service setup and there is no manager on site all the time so I want to avoid servers opening a ticket adding items and cancelling them after without being recorded
Anybody knows a way?

@Jesse told youhow to prevent orders being removed here

“Go to cancel orders automation command click the admin pin required. Or go to mapping and only map it to admin role.”

By setting admin pin when someone presses the cancel orders button it wont remove an item from the ticket until a manager (or someone set up with admin role) enters their pin

It sounds like you need to map the button to admin only. This prevents them from using it. It won’t ask for pin it just won’t do anything.

As for the open draw on work period end just make a new rule for work period ended and add your draw open/no sale print job action.

I set mine to automatically print the work period report and open cash draw on work period end.

Yes I did that but how do I modify the item if it’s not the correct one

Define modify :wink:
I think what you are looking to do is have a ‘void’ type option available for new orders as voids are still recorded in the system unlike canceling, does that sound right?

Well the exact scenario is the server gets new order by pressing a sandwich but than the customer wants a wrap so the server cannot cancel that but it needs to be modified,this is only for security so server cannot start a ticket show price and total on pod and than cancel order,once started has to be finished
This is for my records only if possible

You don’t modify an order like that, that is in theory the reason for cancel.
Have never seen a POS system which does ‘order swapping’ like that.
I think the solution your looking for is the idea of VOID rather than cancel for new orders so that the VOID is recorded rather than cancel which is not recorded.

Sure I saw a similar topic not so long ago, will see if I can find it.

Hmm, sure I saw topic as described above but cant find it.
HOWEVER there is a simple setup for recording order cancels;

Could you pls post some screenshots for auto cash open on end day as I will setup it on a live environment

How are you opening your cash drawer for cash sales?
Is your kick code on separate print job or on bottom of receipt template?

Only way I was able to open drawer was thru creating the button, and it’s connected to printer

Yes but you created the button, so how are you opening the drawer?
XTC code?

I hide it only visible to admin,I followed the tutorial for cash drawer and imputed the xct code and stopped there and the cash would not open after I created the open drawer button and everything was good cash opens,but than I hide the button so staff cannot open cash when they want

Ok lets explain a few things so we are all on the same page.

  1. Tickets are not actually made until you submit them. Press Close.
  2. Cancelling items and pressing close does not record anything. You should not allow drawer to open unless a real ticket is made.
  3. If someone wants to steal from the drawer it will be nearly impossible to stop it with automation of the software.
  4. It should not print a ticket unless a real ticket was made.

Maybe you should look at other ways to help prevent this like installing cameras above the register or policies that strongly persuade them not to try it.

Bottom line is if someone wants to pocket money from a customer they will do it and there is no difference if ticket is made or not. You will still show a loss and you will still not be able to track it unless you have a camera. So trying to prevent automation for this sort of thing is really pointless.

Thats fine but you are sending the xct code using a printer template and presumably a port printer if the drawer connects directly to the computer?

That’s a sad truth, it is pretty much impossible to completely protect the cash as at the end of the day the drawer has to open at some point to be able to deal in cash, all you can do is lock down as much as possible and if concerned look at additional avenues like kendash said.

I love that, know it says policies above but just get the image of a poster above the till saying get caught stealing and its death by hanging LOL

At the hotel I part time at our policy as current till system is not very good is we monitor voids, if staff member shows excessive voids we monitor more closely but this is only if anything unusual happens, as its a very tight team and we all know each other pretty well that rarely happens.
(however that system doesnt have a ‘cancel’ feature, there is only void which is logged but they are NOT using samba YET :slight_smile: )
New people who aren’t local/well known are not given swipe card for till for at least a couple of weeks and we are happy that we can trust them - although by trust them its more a case that they are not useless and going to make loads of mistakes on the till rather than that they are not going to steel.
However this is a hotel in a small town - would undoubtedly be different in a big city with lots of less familier staff.

I know that if they want to they will do it,only that if an item has been entered they have to finish the ticket that is basically what I want and be able to modify the item if necessary but not cancelled