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Hi every one. I’m new in SambaPOS.
I’m working with this POS a few weeks ago and I’ve a problem.
I’ve created a button to open closed tickets but I can’t click it.

Let me explain: When I go to “ticket” section and I open one, I can see the entire order and the “open ticket” at left side, but it appear with a grey color and can’t click it.

I post here the automatization config, please let me know if there’s something wrong, I’m going crazy.

Automatization Command:
- Name: Unlock
- Button header: Unlock ticket
Mapping (Automatization command):
- Enabled State: GStatus=
- Visible States: GStatus= (if I set another status I can’t see the button)
- Visibility: Ticket

In rules configuration I set:

-Name: Unlock ticket
-Event name: AutomatizationCommandExecute
-Personal restriction is: Executed if Matches and AutomationCommandName Equals UnlockTicket
-And Selected actions are: Unlock ticket and update ticket status: Pending
Default mapping (all with *)

And the action configuration is:

-Name: Unlock ticket
-Action: Unlock ticket

I’ll be so thankfull if u could help me with this problem.

You need to use the Reopen Closed Ticket action first and in your automation command button be sure and allow Paid status. Unlock ticket wont do anything for a paid ticket. There is lots of documentation on how to do this on the forum including a tutorial.

Issue category is for actual broken SambaPOS features not configuration mistakes or misunderstandings. Use Question category when posting about configuration issues or help with configurations.

Firstly, if its greyed out it will be the enabled state setting in the automation command (button) mappings page.

However I think you might be getting confused with some terminology…

Ticket Lock and the unlock button (which is a default one) are not connected with closed/paid tickets.
This by default is to remove the lock placed on a ticket when printing the bill (which is to stop people adding more items after customer given the bill).

Can you confirm exactly what your doing?
Am not sure where Gstatus= is coming from, if im thinking straight that by default is only used on orders not tickets…

Hi, I followed the tutorial, but I’m in sambaPOS3 and I don’t know why I can’t install modules.

Hi, thank u for reply, i seen GStatus= in another tutorial to set a “refund” button O_O
I’m using SambaPOS in spanish and the translation is very very bad -.-’’

V3 does not have the feature (Module) you are looking for. You need to upgrade to V4 or better V5.

So, I was going crazy for nothing :joy: Thank u :slight_smile:

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