Order on hold fast food restaurant

Hi guys here are my ticket screen, at the botton i made some departments, but while i cannot finis the order or close it cannot switch between them, can someone help is there anyway to make on hold button?
We are a family fast food restaurant and 3 of us using this at the same time.
So i would like to able to pause the order and switch between the “users” what is right noww the departments.
We are not using Tables and costumers.


You can try this.


Not working , but very very thanks for the fast answer.

When you say hold are you needing to stop kitchen print or just to be able to switch users?

Actually , i just want to change between the “users” Tibi, Marcika, Bali.

If i can do it like just pause the order and switch to the other.

I want to use the kitchen printer after the payment was made.

Dont use departments, it not what it was made for…

I ticket tag method myself for switch user.

You add a ticket tag to the ticket. If the tag name is defined in the ticket tags in manage it will allow the ticket to be closed without an entity.
You dont need to map the tag in the settings just give it an entry.

You would then save the ticket id on the ticket closing action.
And set open ticket on user login using the program setting.

I also have a more complex setup which allows multiple tickets to be put on hold by a user and gives list of held tickets on login but probably overkill for what you need.

Switch User button
Tag ticket with HOLD: {:CURRENTUSER}
Close Ticket

Before Ticket Closing Rule
Add update program setting action
Constraint '{TICKETTAG:HOLD}' != '' (so only happens if tag is set)
Update setting with {:CURRENTUSER}_HOLD

User login rule (NEW RULE)
Constraint {SETTING:[:UserName]_HOLD} is not null
Action display ticket
Ticket ID: {SETTING:[:UserName]_HOLD}
Action update or delete setting name {SETTING:[:UserName]_HOLD}

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