Order printing Issues from Tabs for 2 bars

Dear all,
This is a diagram of my clients restaurant i have uploaded. We have 2 bars, the indoor and outdoor bar.
We have 8tablets, 4 are indoor and 4 outdoor ans 2 Tills one each for the indoor and outdoor too.
I have configure the 4 indoor tabs and they are printing to the indoor bar and to the central kitchen which is fine.
But the challenge i have is with the four outdoor bar, i want them to keep printing to the outdoor bar printer which is a network printer, but it keeps printing to the indoor bar printer.
Below is the configuration for the outdoor printer

I set the terminal name to the outdoor till, but it still prints to the indoor printer(Also Network) which is connected to the indoor Till.

Please can you showme how i can redirect the outdoor tabs to print to the outdoor bar printer.

You say networked printer… are they hooked up via ethernet or are they usb shared?

Can you show the Cash Drawer print job? You may need a create a new print job specifically for the outdoor printers.

Maybe related to the issue Mark reported here:

I also had a similar issue setting up a second cash drawer and used the same work around mark did to solve.