Order same product and portion sum qty

Hello , I have a question about ordering food or a product …when click two time with same product why it appear two line item with same name …? Can we make it become two of qty and show only one line ? …i mean i want to apply this to the product that have only one portion same same why when order it show many line as we click?

Go to settings > Program Settings > Ticket Settings and check Merge Ticket Lines


hello I check Merge Ticket Lines ready but it not merge it still separate

close ticket and reopen again you will see it merge

Before orders are submitted it keeps them separate so you can still make changes to them or cancel one if you accidentally added too many that is a good design. Once submitted it will merge them.

ok thank you all now it ok
But i have one more question >
When settle and cash can i use my keyboard to input …because i not use touch screen pc so it will slow if i use my mouse to click it

Dear Dara,
I answered your question here