Order Tags and Warehouses

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me, I have every recipe with one order tag, but then when I sell one of that item, it won’t decrease on my warehouse. I can’t find what is the problem, but when I delete the order tag in the recipe, the item decrease from the warehouse.

We need more information. Can you provide some screenshots of your setup and we can help you spot mistakes. Show us a recipe, inventory items, products, etc for a specific item that is causing you problems.


Here are some screenshots! hope you can find something and thank you

Several mistakes. One empenada is not a unit. Two you have no transaction unit or multiplier set for CP. There are other mistakes in use but to better understand your need explain your flow of what your expecting when someone orders an empenada.

Unit would be grams or pounds or cup or can or box etc. Your base unit is smallest unit you would use of that item. Transaction unit is the unit you purchase at. Multiplier is how many base units in one transaction unit. You can also set other units and not use default transaction unit which is additional units.

We really need to see how you plan to build an order in the pos and how you want inventory to work.

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An empanada is a unit, is like a pie in spanish. Ok, so I purchase an empanada to the distributor, there are already made, so I buy an empanada, and I sell an empanada, I count them by how many empanadas of each flavor I receive everyday, so my POS would be like: I put all the quantities of empanadas that I purchased that day, and then at the end of the day, the inventory should be the same as the quantity of empanadas I sold.

I didn’t find a better way to put the recipes, so I did it that way.

So what are the order tags for? What is CP for example?

Sorry I forgot that part, there are special prices for a dozen of pies, and there combos too, so I made an order tag for each of my combos. A CP is a type of empanada.

I am confused… Is CP a type or a combo?

Okay, lets say I sell different types of pies, CP is one of them. In the combos, I sell the types of pies the customer tell me he wants.

But you just said.

So to clarify though your order tags are not combos they are types of empenada?

What does CP stand for?

Maybe you should show a screenshot of your menu I am still not sure what your trying to do.

Read that tutorial it should help you.

Sorry about all the confusion, lets put an easy example that is the same case as mine.

Ok, so you go to a place where they sell chicken wings, so there are a lot of different types of wings, ones with hot sauce, others with bbq sauce, mild sauce, etc. But the purchase the wings like that, they order to the distributor each day 50 hot sauce wings, 50 bbq sauce wings, and like that with each of their chicken wings. The things they buy, the things they sell, they don’t do anything to the products.

But then there are the combos, lets see an example; Familiar Combo that have 20 chicken wings (sauce to choose), a pack of fries, and 4 bottled beverages.

So I’ve made a product for each type of chicken wings (hot sauce wings, bbq sauce wings, etc), and I’ve made too an inventory item for each type of wings, and a recipe for each one too, the recipe is the thing I buy (wings), to the thing I sell (wings).

Everything is ok by now, but then I made a product called “Familiar Combo”, or “Dozen of wings” or whatever my combo is called, then I’ve made a Order Tag for those products that are my combos, where I put all the types of wing the costumer can choose for their combo.

Hope you get the idea of the POS

I think if you read the thread I posted above with the tutorial you will understand it better.

I’ve already read it and I don’t get what I did wrong

Or at least can you help me telling me where there should be something wrong so I can check it. Please.

You should either directly map products to order tags or use recipe’s order tag mapping to map order tags to inventory items. You shouldn’t use both. When you map a product to an order tag on order tag definition screen (for example coke) coke’s cost will be added to parent product (for example pizza). If you map order tag to inventory items on recipes (for example you mapped More Cheese order tag to Cheese recipe line) inventory item cost will be calculated individually. The document explains that in detail.

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@emre I followed all of the above still I have a problem adding recipe for order tags here is my setup.

1.A product called Coke (Main)
2.Combo Menu - Have order tags Coke ,sprite ,etc
Now I created inventory item Coke
Than A recipe for coke
All working fine now when add order tag to same recipe its reducing 2 times inventory
as you explained I try to create a dummy recipe , when i am trying to create another one its saying error that already coke product has recipe .

May be it will work when a product have different portions so can create more recipes , in my situation I have only one portion

I think many people confusing about this,if some one can post with pics will help, I just mapped before since day 1 I thought inventory going well but no its wrong some where that is order tag here is my setup .

What do you mean by 2 times inventory?

btw why you have ml unit for Coke? I think the base unit can be Can.

Ok i will change that to can but still working fine for that . I was added two lines in recipe one is product and second line for order tag with selected same product .when this done i noticed inventory deducting 2 .
What is the wrong am doing ?thank you