[ORDER TAGS] by state

Is it possible to subdivide order tags by order state and create specific templates like is possible with [ORDERS] [ORDERS:Gift]
I have [ORDERS:Misc] but i’m having issues with the order tags. I tried adding [ORDER TAGS:Misc] but this does not work.
I have tried adding the tag directly using [ ] around order tag row to only print when item has specific order tag but this does not work either.

[ORDERS:Misc] -- Format for Misc orders <TableRowGroup> <TableRow> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Left">{QUANTITY}</Paragraph></TableCell> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Left">{CALL:util.encode('{ORDER TAG NOTE:Misc Item Description}')}</Paragraph></TableCell> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Right">€{PRICE}</Paragraph></TableCell> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,1,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Right">€{TOTAL PRICE}</Paragraph></TableCell> </TableRow> [<TableRow> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Right"> </Paragraph></TableCell> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Left">{CALL:util.encode('{ORDER TAG:Discount Custom}')}</Paragraph></TableCell> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,0,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Right">[€{ORDER TAG PRICE}]</Paragraph></TableCell> <TableCell Padding="5,0" BorderThickness="1,0,1,1" BorderBrush="Black"><Paragraph FontSize="12" TextAlignment="Right">[€{ORDER TAG TOTAL}]</Paragraph></TableCell> </TableRow>] </TableRowGroup>

This is the result without the [ ] I get a blank line where there is no tag

This probably relates to the new formatting for Document Printing. Perhaps you should try to keep all discussions relating to that in the same thread. Other people might get confused with your formatting because they are not aware of the other discussions explaining what your doing.

Also you assume everyone in community knows things with this new post like for example. [quote=“silentbob, post:1, topic:8185”]
Is it possible to subdivide order tags like I did with orders by state.

Remember people may never read your other discussions and may have no clue what your talking about. So when making new threads explain your entire case or if its related to other discussion keep it in that same discussion.

This is not specific to the document printer It is a general printer formatting issue.
I have found another scenario where this could be useful.

Maybe the ability to have different templates for specific order tags.

[ORDER TAGS] -- Format for order tags <J00>* {ORDER TAG NAME} | [{ORDER TAG TOTAL}]

In example above Black is Color Tag. But it shows {ORDER TAG TOTAL} as €-3.00 which is correct (Total of all order tags) but its misleading for customer . The €3 discount only applies to the Discount tag

If i could create an Order Tag Specific template Eg. [ORDER TAGS:Color] [ORDER TAGS:Discount]
Then I could only add {ORDER TAG TOTAL} to the tags where this is required

Can you explain why you need to use {ORDER TAG TOTAL}? This tag is a order line related tag that returns total of all tags and meant to be used in subtotal area. (think like you need to show total / summary for tags on each order line) For formatting order tag line we have order tag section specific tags.

PS: You can have order tag name (not tag value) specific templates like

[ORDER TAGS:Food Modifiers]

That shouldn’t be used for specific order tag values like [ORDER TAGS:Add More Salt].


I understand that, Emre Understands that and probably QMcKay does maybe few others but general user would be completely lost by reading the post. That may be a general printer formatting issue to you but what you showed is certainly not a general printer template format.

Sorry I am not trying to badger you over something like that it just helps community improve and helps others be involved that may just ignore this question because they dont understand it.

Order tag total is to show total discount applied where quantity is greater than 1[quote=“emre, post:5, topic:8185”]
PS: You can have order tag name (not tag value) specific templates like

[ORDER TAGS:Food Modifiers]

I didn’t realize this was already possible. I will have a look and see if i can make it work that way

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You just had the understanding of what that tag does wrong. Good idea though.

Because that is a ticket level tag it will always show ALL ORDER TAGs in its total even if you put it under the [ORDER TAGS] template section.

Yes I assumed it was similar to {PRICE} and {TOTAL PRICE} on order line

If you look at the documentation provided to right of the Template editor it breaks it down. If it says Ticket Value then they are all ticket level… if it says Order Value then its order level etc.

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{ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE} seems to work

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Now your starting to understand it! Good job. That concept confuses a lot of people but it makes total sense how Emre set it up.

Yes the Tag i was using was order level but it needed to be tag level --Order Tag Value Values--

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Yes so now you understand that what you were asking for is available and in fact its extremely customizable due to how its setup.

I have just added [ORDER TAGS:Misc Item Description] to the template and left it blank
This will be useful for hiding certain tags on receipts.

Yes its a vicious circle, the more I read and learn, the more I realize I can accomplish and end up rebuilding/streamlining my workflow over and over again. And with new features being added constantly, I can’t ever see it ending.


Is it possible to add order tag quantity?
I have just realized that the quantity is always 1 on all order tags so {ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE} is wrong.

It is calculating the correct discount - see You saved €500 Totay!
I have overcome this by using [=F(TN('{ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE}')*('{QUANTITY}'))]
But I’m wondering why tag quantity is displaying as 1 when it is actually correctly calculating discount as 10?

EDIT: Just found this post which explains everything.

Did you try {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X}?

This is the correct way to do it on order tag level and should work fine. As it is not clear I need to ask if it is working fine or not.

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Yes its working fine I just didn’t understand why the tag quantity was always 1 but now it makes sense