Orders sort, move button and follow row


OK here’s my automations, should be as you mentioned.


However the result on sreen is the following;

It add a “Update Course Patch” product instead
What’s wrong?


You told it to. You have add order action and told it to add that order with a state of patch.


OK, now the “Change Course” works. It was a misspelled action name.
If I click product>change course>it change course and show the new course. Fantastic solution! :slight_smile:

I still have this problem:

  • Products are NOT in GROUP by TAG name on screen
  • all products are correctly ordered into the “Cash / Check” screen

Can I order then on screen?

I do apologize if I do not understand enough…


The add order and cancel it was a ‘patch’ to update the ticket/order groups after a manual overide of the course.
As for the grouping Im not sure why yours are not grouping corectly…


Hello to all. I wanted to know if there is a way to sort the tags in the pos menu and if i can give a different background color for tags groups.



is possible refresh with an automatic close and re-open ticket in your opinion?


Posibly but even more complex as closing the ticket will print kitchen orders… and you would have to work arround that…

Formatting is all in the action, you would need to have either multiple actions with additional constraints OR make a multiple posibility if expression within the formatting field.


Ok, have any idea?? :grin:


Yes… What I said LOL