Payment Screen Settings improvements


@tayfun any chance we could get a minor tweak to the Payment Screen Settings to allow currency symbols with the Payment Screen Values setting?

Also I want to request the ability to insert a suggested amount for example if Balance is 2.89 then button value would show 3. Example:

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SambaPOS 5.2.11 Beta Release

When you have multiple Currencies, how would you handle that Kendash?


Perhaps I should elaborate… I am not really asking for hard coded solution… perhaps an ability to allow expression on a value in the setting panel so I could do it myself.


You would probably need Program Configurations to hold “default” Currency settings, such as:

  • Default Currency Name (ie. “USD”)
  • Default Currency Symbol (ie. “$”)

… and then a method to access those settings, maybe like:


… so then you could “template” the Payment Screen Values something like:

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Yes this is why I wanted to start conversation. The feature would be useful it would speed up transactions. Maybe not currency symbol that’s more style preference but the suggested amount button would be a great feature if we can make it work.


Here is where I got the idea my sysco rep tried to sell me on Cake their new POS system and while tinkering with it I saw that feature thought it would speed up checkout.

See how order total is 8.62 so first button is 9 lots of people in US pay like that.

I just like the look of currency symbol.


I agree this would be useful, when I train clients on using the system some of them don’t understand (or later forget) those are $ amount buttons. Adding the currency symbol would solve that. Plus most other systems on the market I have seen is like Cake where it has the currency symbol.

I had someone ask for this before. Also had a request for round up to next £5, so if the amount was £5.23, the button would show £10. I thought about doing my own automation for it but eventually decided against it. This could be the same functionality as you request, just you provide a value for rounding up, so can be 1, 5, etc.