SambaPOS 5.2.11 Beta Release

@emre Nice :slight_smile: Am I correct this works only before a ticket is created, i.e. can’t change department of current ticket? I remember you said you would likely implement like that.

Is this in the release now?

Yes, It works exactly like department changing buttons. When you can’t change department with buttons you can’t change with action too.

No I recently added it. You’ll see that in release notes when we release it.

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I added grouping support to payment editor. To enable grouping you can use Grouping Order State parameter of Display Payment Screen action.

Grouping by courses might not be useful but you can use it to group orders by seat, required payment type, etc…


@emre Settle this way is very handy rather implement additional setup, however only I cannot figure out selected items receipt print? is this possible? so by default we can use split payments by items and the same can be printed would be nice thank you in advance

Great question I was implementing something related. I made group header clickable and when clicked it will select orders and also update a local setting called PAYMENTGROUP with selected group key. So it is possible to implement something like this. On the video you can see how Print Bill button caption updates with the selected group name.

However if you’ll like to maintain discounts or payments per seat it will be a better idea to split that to a separate ticket. I think that feature will also simplify splits.


Regarding Payment Screen Settings improvements I added few improvements.

Currency Setup

On payment screen settings you can define a currency separated by : character.

When a currency is defined amounts will appear with a currency symbol and changing currency will also change button’s currency symbol.

Automatic Buttons

You can add * symbol in front of an amount and it will display Payment Due amount rounded upper to the button amount.

On this sample first button will round up payment due amount by 1.

You can try different setups. For example keep 1 and round 5 button.

In this case second button will display rounded amounts. If multiple buttons displays same amount one of them will remove.

On this setup buttons will keep their position.

Multiple Automatic Buttons

You may have multiple Buttons. When multiple values are used buttons will get sorted by their value.

We’ll have a lot of buttons now :slight_smile:




On latest update I removed some screen refreshing code to improve performance. I’m strongly recommending to test your setups with next beta release. Please let me know if you notice some parts does not updates / refreshes as you’re adding orders.



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Default Automatic Buttons

$1 button seems like does not have a lot of use so we can replace it with *1 on default setup. I also like how *1,5,*5,10,20,50,100 works. So I’m considering to use it as default. What do you think?

PS: Haha did anyone noticed the bug? Seems like selecting orders when foreign currency is active is not working properly. I’m working on it :slight_smile:


This is great! :slight_smile:

I would say one point in your example with multiple currencies - the common denominations may not be suitable across all currencies used, like you have $ amounts then M$ which would appear has much higher values, so the button amounts of $1, $5, etc would not be relevant for M$ and probably M$ has higher amounts like 500 M$, etc. So maybe some support to handle different buttons based on currency selected would be good?

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Yes while implementing currency update I thought the same thing however we need to move payment screen related setup to currency definition. If it gets a lot of requests we may implement it on a future release.

btw this is something else but *1,*5,*10,*20,*50,*100:${0} may work a little better for having both $ and M$ case.


Just noticed in your GIF, the value button (not sure what it’s called!) under Balance button does not change when you change currency.

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That is last tendered value and does not change as currency changes.

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We uploaded a new 5.2.11 Release. I added features to the first post. I think this is the last release for 5.2.11. After testing we will released this as 5.2.12. Thanks for all.

my till is 32 bit.

ive just tried to install and it says this app not compatible?

any idea?


btw i can see this thread when not logged in

V5 Beta Release category is now public. V5 Beta remains private. You won’t have seen the notice if you were not logged in.

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Possibly they built for 64bit only by mistake? @emre

that’s what i thought, no it was being blocked by smartscreen grr.

sorted now

Ah ok. Yeah that will always happen because its a new file unknown to Microsoft and not digitally signed but you just click more details then “Run anyway”.

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I added highlighting top level order tag buttons when sub order tags selected.


I made some performance improvements on order tag selection screens. I tested it with some setups I already have. I’ll be glad if you test your setup with next update and let me know if you notice something does not update on screen while tagging / untagging orders.