Payment types onto payment screen

Hi All i am a newby here just have a question about the payment screen, i want to put types of payments on the payment screen and i think i have confused myself, i had it to were the two types of cash would appear and the two types of cards would also but not all at the same time,

also when i setup the currencies and i select any of the cash keys it does not convert to correct currency.

what to do???

Think you’ll need to elaborate a little on what your trying to achieve to get any solutions/suggestions.

When you say two types of payments do you mean like this?

tenders for example: CI Cash, USD Cash, Credit Card and Debit Card
i want them to display when i hit settle so that they are my payment options to close ticket.

your default currency you should not setup as a currency. Only foreign currencies should be configured.

Cant comment much on currencies as only ever used one but your Payment Types need to be mapped to show on the settle screen. Manage --> Tickets --> Payment Types

i can 't load the images but what i am getting is just the close button to the right where the cash, credit card and other payment types should be.

Yes but that isnt what Im saying, have you mapped your payment types?

yes i have done that and still nothing

Have you logged out and logged back in again?

yes several times i even restarted the pc.

Any close is full height?
You have gone wrong in currencies somewhere?
Explain what you have set-up for currencies…

Check this

Adding {0:N} after curency symbol gives an option to convert… looking at what to do after that.

the currency i have setup is the USD, but before it would put the CI and USD on the Screen and convert it correctly, but when i would hit USD to close ticket it would show change due, and that is not correct. but not i am not getting the payment types at all. just a big red close button. so i have no way of tendering the sales. i am trying to upload the images to give you a better idea.

Have you got a USD account?
Read this;
Just followed it quickly and works fine…

the most important part right now is to have the payment types displaying on the payment screen,

and if you follow tat tutorial you will!
I have just setup USD on my test sytem.

Ok i set up the currency correctly and when it is displayed on the payment screen it shows correctly, but i still don"t have the payment types to be able close the payment

ok i got them up on the screen, i had to delete them and recreate them again. now the are there but they do work.

You have to setup the currency, setup a payment account to use that currency (one for cash one for card) then add payment types which are payments to those accounts.
Just follow that tutorial
Ive not used currencies before and followed that tutorial and worked fine.

If its not working for you, you have missed/not followed that tutorial or have changed something else where

They do work or dont?

when i try to select the payment type by pressing the button it does not do anything