Paymentsense integration

I see Paymentsense is now fully integrated in 5.3.6, but does this ONLY apply to the Dojo machines?

To clarify, if we have move5000 terminals do we still have to use the PAC gateway app?


Pretty sure it’s not just dojo, my dev machine is an ingenico

It works on classic Paymentsense and new dojo machines - the integration is the same

No you would no longer need the PAC gateway app. I use Move5000 terminal with Payment Sense.

Thanks all - I’m having a bit of an issue as it just won’t connect to the terminals but for a number of reasons (mostly a HUGE menu change) we are doing a rebuild this coming week so will spare any “wtf am I doing wrong” posts until then!!

As predicted, it was me not including the https:// before the PS address.

Seems the card last 4 etc is passed back to the new account screen; any way we can pull this and the MID into a receipt template so I can stop using quite so much paper? As then we could make card receipts optional rather than them always printing on the pdq

Payment Sense only gives you the option to have receipt printing set to ON or OFF. Its not a straight forward to process to switch from one to the other without having to call them.

I have decided to keep mine turned OFF which obviously saves on paper, un-clutters the cash drawer, speeds up processing time as you do not have to wait for a receipt to print, rip the receipt off the pdq and place in cash drawer. This makes taking card payments a much more streamlined process.

If you decide to keep OFF, edit the Open Cash Drawer when Payment Received Rule and remove Payment Sense from the constraints.

I would suggest issuing receipts on request from SambaPOS Tickets screen.

I use a single button to print the last bill:

We already have till receipts optional, however we are required by law (Guernsey) to supply, if requested by the customer, a credit card slip showing the merchant ID and the last four digits of the card number, together with the amount charged.

So what I’m wanting to do is take the card type and last-four digits from the info in the ticket. Is this achievable do we think? Perhaps it’s a particular field?

Yes you can do that. It should be in the paymentdata column of the Payments table. You can use sql to get that.

If using the move 5000 have you tried just manually printing the last receipt if you need one.
Reprint receipt

With my ingenico iWL 250 it’s just a case of pressing the top left arrow button to reprint the last customer copy.

Thanks Jesse.

If anyone cleverer than me has an idea of how to achieve this please let me know!

Sadly on the Move5000 terminals it seems to be either on or off. Reprint not an option. As a temporary measure they suggested we use the PS app to send a card receipt of needed but frankly that’s more aggro than it is worth!

If you can supply me with some sample data from the payments table I can probably whip something up for you.

Memo everything is stored in Payment Data column in json. The entire response is stored there with JSON.

I figured as much. However, none of the places I work with have payment integration and PaymentData is empty so I don’t have any example data to go by.

Thanks - am out all day today but will see what I can manage to export later. Assume you just need an export of the actual table itself?

Just the PaymentData column is all I require.

From SSMS run this query:

SELECT TOP(10) PaymentData FROM dbo.Payments WHERE PaymentData <> '' ORDER BY Date DESC

or from within SambaPOS, create a new Printer Template and preview the following and you’ll be able to copy the results from the preview window:

{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT TOP(10) PaymentData FROM dbo.Payments WHERE PaymentData <> '' ORDER BY Date DESC:F.PaymentData}

Before sending/posting the data, please sanitise identifiable customer information if any exists.

I would post some sample data from a usa integration but the paymentsense return may be different.

Hi Memo

Thanks so much for offering to help with this.

Using the printer template preview I got the following; note that I have adjusted all the digits here to be random as discussed:

{\r\n “TransactionID”: “23882939”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA DEBIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “NONE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3858”,\r\n “Account”: “************7091”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:48:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************7091”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “78526241”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA CREDIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “DEVICE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3857”,\r\n “Account”: “************0036”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:32:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************0036”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “36745497”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA CREDIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “DEVICE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3856”,\r\n “Account”: “************0036”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:30:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************0036”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “18563940”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “MASTERCARD DEBIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “NONE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3855”,\r\n “Account”: “************7288”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:23:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************7288”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “42895344”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA CREDIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “DEVICE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3854”,\r\n “Account”: “************4801”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:18:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************4801”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “59265732”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “MASTERCARD DEBIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “NONE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3853”,\r\n “Account”: “************7288”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:16:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************7288”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “90062990”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA CREDIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “DEVICE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3852”,\r\n “Account”: “************8258”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:06:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************8258”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “34845590”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA DEBIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “NONE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3851”,\r\n “Account”: “************8386”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:05:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************8386”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “09911252”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA DEBIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “NONE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3850”,\r\n “Account”: “************1557”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:04:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************1557”\r\n}
{\r\n “TransactionID”: “82719980”,\r\n “CardBrand”: “VISA DEBIT”,\r\n “cardholderVerificationMethod”: “NONE”,\r\n “currency”: “GBP”,\r\n “EntryType”: “CONTACTLESS”,\r\n “ApprovalCode”: “3849”,\r\n “Account”: “************1539”,\r\n “DateTime”: “2021-06-23T14:01:00”,\r\n “CardHolderName”: “************1539”\r\n}

I guess in an ideal world the info we would like to pull into the receipt template would be TransactionID, CardBrand, ApprovalCode, CardholderVerificationMethod, and Account (including all the asterisks).

We have a requirement to show if no verification was used which is about 95% of all sales now contactless is so proflic.

If this is achievable I will then set up a template for a “card receipt” following an ask question action when a card payment has been made. Hope my thinking makes sense! I just have no clue about SQL honestly.