"Pickup Time" Ticket Tag

I got PM from @princekhadka asking for how to make Pickup Time Button. So, I think it might be useful for other too.
Here is how it works:

  1. Click Automation Button “Pickup Time”
  2. Ask Question popup
  3. Select a choice then trigger Automation Command “Pickup Time (Write My Own Check)” and check if the choice is “Write My Own Time” or not.
    If Write My Own then Ask Parameter (ask for input) popup

Continue post 2 for how to create one…

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Step 1. Create Automation Command (aka AU):

  1. AU Pickup Time (Ask)

  2. AU Pickup Time (Apply) - This is optional since this AC will not be enable (mapping) but if you not create this you can’t select it from the list. You have to type it in the box so, be careful it must be exactly the same when you refer to this AU.

  3. AU Pickup Time (Write My Own) - Optional

  4. AU Pickup Time (Write My Own Check) - Optional

Step 2. Create Actions:

  1. Ask Question Action

  2. Update Ticket Tag Action 2 of them

  1. Display Ticket Action

Step 3. Create 4 Rules:

Step 4. Add {TICKET TAG:Pickup Time} to your printer template


hello there.Thank you for this post,but i have a problem did exactly same as described but when i click pick-up time botton.The question HOW LONG WILL THIS ORDER BE PICKED UP? pops out. when i choose any time,it just closes.nthong else.What might be the problem?

This also does not work for me… i can set a custom pickup time but the pre defined buttons always ask me to set the time manually…also if i click cancel it asks me to set the pickup time.

Something in your implementation is not correct. Double-check and triple check your setup. Look for typos.

We can’t tell what the problem is without seeing what you have done. Post screenshots of your setup - Actions, Rules, etc.

Start with this:

When i select Cancel It still goes to the time enter prompt. Below are all the screen shots of my setup…

Also what would I need to add to add AM and PM to the pickup time.