Pizza toppings prices for different sizes

Hi, I’m new to samba, im looking to add the toppings using order tags but obviously each pizza size have different topping price. how can i implement that? Different price for the small pizza from the large one.

Also i’m looking to add half/half pizza can anybody shares an easy way?


Simplest and cleanest way to do it is to setup different Order Tag Group for different pizzas.

I’m using Portions and Order Tags as per this thread;

The great thing about this way is that if someone changes their mind on size the order tags prices change automatically when the new size is selected.

I have 4 sizes of Coffee, Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large.
Then Order Tags for alternative milks (Oat, Almond, Soy, Coconut etc). Then 4 Order tag groups mapped to each size of coffee.

E.g. Order Tag - Alternate Milk - Small (mapped to all the Small coffees) and each milk is 60c
Order Tag - Alternate Milk - Medium (mapped to all the Medium coffees) and each milk is 80c

I did an order tag group for the small pizza when i go to map it; when i get to portions it doesn’t show the any size any idea why @Muzzargh

You can type in the name of the portions. If you for example select Product Group as “Pizza” and if you type in for example “Small” it will show the options for all Pizzas that have Small portion.