Playing Kitchen notification sounds for new orders


To solve it just do to things:
1- rename .bat file to sound.bat
2- change .mp3 file with another one with .wav format


i have another issue here, i have 2 computers, the first one is in the bar, wich is the computer to take the orders and the other is in the kitchen with the kitchen display, im trying to play the sound in the kitchen computer, if i make the order from the kitchen computer it works great, but if i make the order from the bar it tells me there is not archive to play, what shoud i do to play a .wav in the kitchen computer?


If you want the Bar to tell the Kitchen to play a sound, you will probably need to use Message Server to send a Message to the Kitchen to tell it to play the WAV.

  • Use a Broadcast Message Action on the Bar (ie.send a message that says “play sound”).
  • Use a Message Received Event (Rule) on the Kitchen to receive and process the message for the command “play sound” which then fires an Action to play the WAV.


Or you can wire a simple buzzer to plug into your printer and skip all automation completely.


i never culd play a sound from the printer, probable it is because of me but i cant


Theres some switches under epson printers called DIP switches. You need to look at the manual and configure them to play sound on buzzer when connected.


could you help me a little bit more, because its not enaught for me, im not a pro and i cant fix the hole proces without more gide


you say ; Use a Broadcast Message Action on the Bar (ie.send a message that says “play sound”).
how do i send the messege, i create the action but i dont know how to use it
and i can not understand how to tell the just to the kitchen computer to use the rule


Broadcast message sends out a becon to all machines with the message you put in.
So you make a rule with event of message received and set constraint of message = whener the message you sent was and map that rule just to the machine you want.


Really it is up to you when you send it.

For example, put the Action in the same Rule that is used to Print the Kitchen Ticket. Or on Order Added Event, or Ticket Closing Event.


so i need a rule to start the Broadcast action, right?


and in command i shoould put the messege “play sound”


Depends on what your triggering with.
You need a broadcast message action triggered somewhere in either existing rule or its own new rule.
You then need a rule just for that message to receive it.


yes i got it!! thanks a lot, im not a programer and it really hard for me to understand!!!


Sure. That is not important, just so long as you check for the same message when it is received. This is because messages are being sent between terminals very frequently, and you don’t want to play a sound for every message received. The message could be: YO I just got a Kitchen Order at the BAR

Then you create a Rule for Message Received Event, with Constraint of:

Command Equals YO I just got a Kitchen Order at the BAR

For the Action(s) in the Rule, you use what is described at the beginning of the Topic to play a sound.

In the mapping for that Rule, set the Terminal to Kitchen. This ensures that only the Kitchen Terminal will use the Rule, while other Terminals will ignore it, and the Constraint ensures that the sound is only played when that specific message is received.


LOL :smile: Like it hehe


perfect, i finally undestand the logic!!!
my problem is: i need to play the sound at the same time with the kitchen order, with the printer i manage it with kitchen print job, so i able to print just the food items with the closed rule
but here it play the sound every time i close the ticket
i need to play the sound just when i add new food items


So when you take an order at the Bar that is for the Kitchen, does the Kitchen create a Print? And if so, does it print when the Ticket is Closed? And is it for New Orders only?

Look at this Rule to see how that ^ works:

You can put your Send Message Action in that Rule. Something like this:


Pretty sure I had this setup for fun a while ago:

Experimental Play-Kitchen-TTS sounds for new orders !

Overview Summary:

when waitor is taking order at customer table, I use SambaPOS execute script action to run bat file, which will output text-to-speech of our beloved microsoft robotic voice to the kitchen speaker (which is just a built-in tablet speaker for me atm)

Picture is worth a thousand word, so here we go:

General automation rules workflow:

  1. We need the following Rule detections:
On waitor's tablet, 'when order added to ticket', Do:
   **'Broadcast message'** as follow ' "{QUANTITY} [:MenuItemName]" ', to Kitchen's tablet
On Kitchen's tablet, **'when message received'**, where **'Broadcast message Command' Starts with "**, Then **run script to execute TTS command** with the previous 'Broadcast message Command' as parameter.
  1. We also need the two Actions:
  • Execute TTS script action

Here’s what my tts.bat script looks like:

echo %1 | cscript "C:\Program Files\Jampal\ptts.vbs

This means you need the ptts.vbs file. What it does is basically the command interface that handle communication with microsoft TTS. You can obviously write your own too, but this one comes with a lot of error event handling and is very convenient. you can get the file from here

  • Broadcast Message action

  1. (Later on we also need the following event the make the setup a bit more complete):
On waitor's tablet, **'when order Tagged'**, Do:
   'Broadcast message' as follow ' "Make {NAME} [:OrderTagValue]" ', to Kitchen's tablet
    On waitor's tablet, **'when order Untagged'**, Do:
       'Broadcast message' as follow ' "Un tag, {NAME} [:OrderTagValue]" ', to Kitchen's tablet

    On waitor's tablet, **'when order Cancelled'**, Do:
       'Broadcast message' as follow ' "Cancel, [:MenuItemName]" ', to Kitchen's tablet

Essentially, this is all the rules you would end up with (ignore any rules with NCAT_method, that’s my experimental way to notifiy new ticket order without relying on SambaPOS’s broadcast message acion)

Here’s the more detailed setup for each rules

Here’s most of the file you may need, including actions and rules export file (backup first if you want to try it, might contain errors) (4.7 KB)

Hope this helps


thenk you very much, i finaly make it work with your tips and my error, i did not try your file but i apreciate your time!! again i have no words to say thanks to every one in this forum!!!