Please help me, printers and more

please help me to make notes for the kitchen and for the bar.
I read all the guides I’ve tried to do it all alone, and unfortunately got stuck at some point.i can write a note but no possible to see it on the ticket.

any help? please?
i realy need to make it

please help to separate Course’s (first, second) on the ticket for the kitchen.
I read all the guides I’ve tried to do it all alone, and unfortunately got stuck at some point.

Everything you seek help with can be explained in Documentation section of the forum. I suggest you start there. We can help you work through these tutorials.

If you read through these and you feel you have tried absolutely everything but your still just not getting it and would like to have someone help you professionally or personally you can make a request in the Ads Category of the forum.

The Ticket Note you entered is shown here:

To have it display on a Print, add the following to your Kitchen and Bar Printer Templates:

[<L00>NOTE: {NOTE}]

OK I am interested… what is FIRE??? :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks it’s working.

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For Courses there are a few posts that you can read:

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please help me to make button to count guest.
I’ve already tried with the guide that posted here and i didnt succeed.
Very important to me that the kitchen will see in the ticket the guests number.

Which guide? Can you tell us what you did and what is or is not working?

Be sure you set default mapping for any rules.

thanks for your help. i used with this guid:
I did everything like in the guide. Button appeared, I saw a customer count appears on the screen but it did not send a note to the kitchen with guest number.
Very important to me that the kitchen will see in the ticket the guests number.
Maybe you have Teamviewer and u can connect to me?

:warning: I moved your posts under one thread so we can help you better here. We will try to address all of your questions within this one thread. This cuts down on confusion and keeps the forum structure focused.

From your screenshot it looks like you got this working? If you want the kitchen to see the Guest Count you would insert a tag into your Kitchen Printer Template the same way @QMcKay showed you for Notes the difference would be it would be entered as the following format:

<J00>Guests: {TICKET TAG:Guest Count}    

Guest Count would be your Tag Name

EDIT: @QMcKay is too fast… you can use <L00> as well just like he mentioned below.

You will need to add something similar to the following to your Printer Templates:

<L00>Guests: {TICKET TAG:Guest Count}

I assume your referring to inventory? This was brought up a number of months ago I do not remember what became of it. I think @emre was planning something to account for this? Maybe he already did and I missed it?

Not certain this is an Inventory question @Jesse, however…

@igal, we need more information on what you’re trying to accomplish - a better description.

Is it 3 different soups per day? This can be limited in the Menu as to what is shown for selection.
Maybe a Custom Product Tag would help.
How about Product Timers?
How many Soups in total do you have?
Is this a Ticket Limit, or a Daily Limit for any Tickets?

is a order to the kitchen when i need the second dish. :slight_smile:

It is inventory question. If I have only few dishes left I would like to limit it to that exact amount. Its a daily limit .

We are currently discussing a possible solution to this in another topic, so please have patience - it may be a few days before implementation.

Try this… it won’t track actual Physical Inventory, but should suffice for the purpose of your Soup example: