Pop up and buttons

My Popup menu wont exit after select an option
and the buttons on it are not working as well.
Can someone please help me out
By the way i started using Sambapos last week so i’d really appreciate the help

Pop up menu?
Please provide more details to enable us to help…

Elaborating your concern further will help us to figure out what seems to be the problem.


I’ve created a pop up menue for different types of cards but it cannot be linked to payment types so the transaction cannot be recorded.

Ok, please show your settings for the popup etc.

Its not working like the default payment buttons. When i click on it it just disappears i not really sure where i went wrong

You haven’t shown you ask question acyion?

You automation command on the ask question is different from the command name you have set in your rule.
If it did match without seeing the opened/extended action in the rule can’t say for sure it will work.
Ask question executes that command with the button value as the command value.
Search the forum for ‘voiceover’ and watch my change message tutorial which explains how to use ask question with video and voiceover

Here is a link;