Pop-up Birthday when user log

I need to pop up birthday reminder of available customers when user log in to system. I already capture customer’s birthday and I need to check birthday and system date and pop up message to the user. Can anyone explain how to archive this on sambapos.

So you want a popup everytime a staff user logs in for every customer birthday that day?
Surely you want it to popup on customer entity selection?
Login is not going to be a good place for that automation… It will get in the way EVERY time they login that day.

Hi , If I want on Customer entity selection How to handle this ? can you please advice me on this

You would make a ticket entity changed rule for customer entities where entity data field for DOB = say ticket date formatted to the same format.
Then in that rule put an ask question or other popup type action to display whatever message you want.

If you dont mind can you share sample since I am new to this software I do not have much knowledge

If your new to samba I would recommend learning some basics. Just being told/shown what to do wont help you learn and you wont do the software justice.
In a testing DB follow some of my intro tutorials. They have a voiceover and ‘work’ through the process of doing things and working it out as go along.