Popup tags/portions


For those who don’t have any luck with this tutorial:

1.In the Products menu, On the Portion Menu, you need to specify the portion: 1/2 (Half), Single Or Double.

2.Then in Action Menu you should have this:


4. And for me the Auto Select is not useful:


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Check the Portion Names.


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Do you not have a automation command rule Single/Double Apply and an Update Order action?
Good to show all elements if offering tutorial. :smile:

It’s an ADD ON for THIS tutorial, for that part (where you need to specify the portion name), Not a new one. :smile:

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Thank you for clarifying my thought.

Just wanted to mention we also have this one.

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teşekkürler :grinning:

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Other thing that I found is that you can not use numbers for “names”. I had to replace it with Small and Large.


What issues did you have?
I have ml sizes for wine by the glass and never had an issue! However I have only every used autoselect for portion selection.

I know what you are saying, but try with the options in this tutorial, and you will see. I get an error from sambapos, with some .dll’s.

I managed to finish, It works fine now.

Thanks for your reply.

Must be something to do with the automation command as portions themselves can be numbers.

Ok, thanks :smile: :smile:

Can you tell me what Multiplier does ? and How can I use it ?


Can we please have {ORDER TAG BUTTONS} too? I would be great for mandatory choice of proteins.

Not sure myself but I would hazard a guess its for Inventory tracking.
A multiplier for the recipe.
HOWEVER I dont think it allows non whole numbers so not so sure!

I see. Thanks for your help. Have a great evening.


Yep thats it, so if your product is 1 pint beer you could have a portion of “Pitcher” and set multiplier to 4 (4 pints in a pitcher)

so when you sell the Pitcher portion it will decrease your inventory as if you have sold 4 separate pints, keeping your inventory accurate :slight_smile:

But you cant have 0.5 for half?

ive set mine as 0.5 but not done all the inventory setup test it

but ou get an x and a hover popup saying string in incorrect format?