POS Screen shows a ticket directly!

Im new to SambaPOS

had setup the Delivery system using this:

Everything was working perfectly yesterday, but now when i open the POS screen, i get a ticket view directly, and the entity screens are not working properly.

So far the additional things i did was:

  • Delete the tables since it is a pure delivery setup.
  • Deleted Table Entities and everything that was related to them.
  • Added new products and menu items as per my requirements. Deleted all the Demo Data.
  • Changed primary key to be Phone number for the Customers instead of name.

So this what i see as soon as i open my POS screen.

Another strange thing i noticed is on the POS screen now, 80% of the times the ‘Main Menu’ button is not responding at all.

Anyone else faced this issue? any help/direction to solving this would be much appreciated.

Check Ticket Type configuration to ensure your base entity type mapped correctly and entity type correctly set for the entity screen you want to display first.

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