Price Of Single Item Different During Certain Hours


I have a menu that I am building and there is a single item that has a different price from 6am-11am and then normal price anytime other then that. I figured I should aproach this by using a trigger to enter the discounted price mode then another to leave the discounted price mode.

I got the triggers done now I went into the actions and chose the execute automation command action type
Now for Automation Command Name I chose Default Change Price.

What would I insert into the command value and the Delay?

Also is this the right approach?


We can probably do this without triggers using simple constraints and custom tags.


So im trying that now,

I created a new rule
Event Name: Order Added To Ticket
Custom Contstrain: Menu Item Name Equals Breakfast Special
Action: Change Order Price

Now What Haha?

Sorry im still learning. :smile:

Dont worry we all are :stuck_out_tongue: what I meant was we can probably define some custom tags for those products… in your case that single product. When it is added to the ticket we can read it via Order Added Rule and we can make it check some constraints for the Custom Tag and for Time etc to determine which price it should be.

Oh okay,

Well I have tryed everything I could think of with no luck, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


I will build a crude quick example that I think might work for you. Give me a few minutes

Thanks Bud. Take your time.

Notice I ended up not using the Custom Tags as I mentioned because you wanted just a single item. If you were doing multiple items or wanted variable items per hour you could use custom tags and read that tag instead of the actual Menu Item Name.

This is a great way to do Happy Hour… and BTW @Gerlandog Using this method along with Custom Tags might solve your issue you had long time ago with a trigger initiated Happy Hour… If you were in middle of an order that started before happy hour but it crossed into happy hour before the order was finished… you could simply cancel the order and re-add it and it would have correct price keeping the current ticket and all other items in tact so you would have no need to close the ticket to load a price list.

PS In fact I think this would be the best approach for Happy Hour.


BS? What kind of a price tag is it?

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HAHAHA you caught me… play on words… it was Breakfast Special but you can interpret it how you like hahaha

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Great sample. I’m sure @gerlandog will love this idea as it allows to implement happy hour without using triggers and it immediately stop applying price tags if happy hour period ends in the middle of order adding process.

lol… I should think that at first place :slight_smile:

Wow thanks @Jesse Im trying it now.

Okay, I just did it and even when I put time time contraint at after 01:00 and before 02:00 it still gives the discounted price.

Is another Action needed to revert it back to the normal price?

Make sure you have matches all set

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Ahh Sorry. I did not. @kendash

It works.

Wow, I just tested it and it changes the prices on the fly without having to log out and clear the cache. This is awsome. Thanks @kendash @emre


@emre the only way I could see to improve this is to add a Tag that could read the current Day. Maybe improve {DATE:X} so you can use it similar to {DATE:X}EqualsSaturday as a custom constraint? Or is this already available and I just have not figured it out yet?

Yes it is possible… @QMcKay knows how to do it :slight_smile:

Haha ok ok. I think I know what your referring too. I was hoping for a more simplified way.

OK. I found it

Not tested but {DATE:ddd} should return three letter day code. (eg sat,sun). I’ve referred @QMcKay because he tested it before :slight_smile:

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Ok I was wrong lol that worked… Great thank you @emre.

So basically add {DATE:ddd} Equals Sat to make it run ONLY on Saturday. So in summary this method allows specific days and times of day to run a happy hour and it will react instantly in middle of an order… This is exactly what @gerlandog was wanting few months back I hope he sees this.

This would be a great way to run promotions too. I think I am going to really play with it some more. I could even use this.