Print barcode error

Hello, I have some easy question. I bought a Zebra GC420d for printing the barcode, which someone recommended on the post. but it got an error when i printed it out. it was fine when i print it out to POS printer(Kildar). Do you have any suggestions?

Don’t zebra prefer a different format which looks like copodinates?

Thank you JTRTech,
Can you show me how Zebra works with copodinates? I really have no idea.

Thank you again,

I don’t know, just recall a topic ages ago about printing labels on a zebra machine and it had some propiatory command structure or something which looked like coordinates.
Although don’t think that will reflect on your barcode issue anyway.

Thank you.:sleepy::v:

Autocorrect :rage:

Try the search function.
Simple search shows exactly what im talking about and that you dont seem to know what im refering to sounds like you havnt made much effort to look for answers on the forum…


@JTRTech. I have searched and tried on what they ware posting, but got no luck. like i said, i can print from thermal printer not from Zebra printer. Zebra was able to print only text.