Print barcode product

How to print barcode product at this 3 label column for attach (outboard) at products?

and how to print label product to display at rack like this?

There isn’t a direct way to do this with SambaPOS. You will need a barcode printer to print decent quality labels, although it’s still possible using a normal laser / inkjet printer but will be less flexible. Most barcode label printers come with some software bundled, and depending on your needs, you can just use that software to print barcodes. You might also be able to connect to the MSSQL database of SambaPOS from this software and pull in some product details for the labels. Using the specific software will definitely give you the best results with regard to layout of the labels.

Now, with regard to getting something working from within SambaPOS, there was a post before (I’ve linked below) that had a method of printing a label from the POS screen. It generally meant selecting the item on the ticket then pressing a button to print. There is definitely another more in-depth topic about this on the forum but I can’t find it!

That is one way to do it anyway, for sure there are other approaches but it really depends on your needs - like how many labels you need to print, when you need to print, etc.

Your next issue you will reach is getting layout in the printer template for the labels - most barcode label printers don’t support the ESC/POS language (like receipt printers use) therefore you need to use the Raw Printer and in your printer template, write the exact commands to print the layout depending on the command language used by the printer (typically some form of the TSPL language). If you search on forum there are some others have some examples for printing in this format but it varies depending on your actual printer.

Definitely printing on 3 column labels is going to be more tricky than single labels per line.

The labels you mention for the shelves are called shelf edge labels typically. Depending on your store configuration, if you have shelf edges that can hold a paper “ticket” in place (like in supermarkets) you will find it more convenient to use paper instead of sticky label. And this also simplifies printing from SambaPOS because you could in theory print the shelf edge labels using your thermal receipt printer - layout template will be more easy.

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there is way to print label not from ticket?

LOL, completely overlooked that, good catch Hehe.

@Johan_yo yes you can, I print wifi code tickets and open draw print from outside ticket, your issue will be how would it know what products to print labels for???
When I discussed similar with someone before I think the sugestion was an automated flow like ad product(s) button for print barcode, prompt for qty which prints labels. Alternative to prompt for qty was product qty with print per order option. Follow it with automation to cancel orders after. As new orders they could be canceled without submitting.
Ticket number would increase but ID wouldn’t.

Product barcode is dynamicly.
I think use entity to list product to print. Select product form pop up display with search product. And choose product to be list at entity and print it.
But how to make pop up display with searching product?
How to make list product at entity?

What exactly do you mean? Surely product barcode for each product is always the same, not dynamic.

I think I recall your discussion, it was the one I couldn’t find. Wasn’t there some mention about using a different ticket type for generating the barcodes thus not incrementing the ticket number and not affecting sales tickets at all?

You won’t be able to search products from an entity search.

I think the reason the “load from ticket” method is the best is because it natively supports the products and printing of them. You can natively search, scan a barcode to bring up a product, etc. You might think it isn’t ideal because it’s going to POS screen, but remember using mappings you can customise quite a bit of how the POS screen will look for a different Ticket Type.

If you want to implement using a different method - I am sure it is possible but can’t think exactly how - you are going to have to find a way to search and select product(s), then pass the product details to the printer template to print. I don’t think it would be very straightforward.

We could probably build a solution using graphql feature released in version .60 Graphql can query the products etc.


dynamicly, it mean, we can print barcode more then 1 item products to print.

any example or documentation step by step for using Graphql.

The way I mentioned before about adding to ticket (and to a specific ticket type so doesn’t mess up sales data) you can use quantity to define number of labels to print, and then you can build in a way that you can add all your items to ticket you want to print (with quantities for each) then print all at once.

Have a read of the release notes here to get you started…