"Print Bill" button - printed receipt, but did not close ticket


I just did new install of Samba V5, then restore database from V4, and some buttons have stopped working. Is there a proper way to do new install of V5 and restore V4 database over?

Example of “Print Bill” button which only print but did not close the ticket

Go to Program Settings > Maintenance > Rebuild Default buttons

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You need entity or ticket tag to close a ticket without payment.
You selected an entity right?

I did the “rebuild default buttons”, but still did not work

sorry, what do you mean by “selected an entity” ? can you please provide more details and steps on how to do this? thanks

For a ticket to close without payment it needs to have an entity like table or customer selected or a defined ticket tag. Otherwise how would it be reopened other than going to ticket lister.

Have you selected a table or customer before printing bill? If not the close won’t happen as needs the above to close a ticket with a balance.

Ah, yes, I selected entity “table” before creating new ticket, then print bill

Whats auto settle?
Something must be non default then as if table selected print bill by default would close tickrt.
Don’t have enough info to tell you wants wrong from what you have shared so far though.

Can you provide me a sample of working close ticket button? or guide me to the right documentation on how to setup print and close ticket button?
Below is the auto settle action:

So printing ticket pays ticket?

yes, I just want to print ticket and pay the ticket to complete the transaction for new transaction.

Go to Settings > Departments and change Ticket Creation type to Create Ticket.

I did that, but still ticket status changed to “paid”, but did not close the ticket. The “Close” button also did not do anything.

OK show us your Ticket Closing Rule and Close Ticket Rule with all the actions visible


There is a default payment check rule that marks the ticket paid if there is no remaining balance.


For your ticket closing rule, what ticket status are you setting with “Update Ticket Status”?

I think the “settle” action works fine. The things don’t work are completed the order after settled, clear the order out of the “table” entity, and close the ticket.
Here is my “update ticket status” action

There are various things that happen, by default, when a ticket is closed.

There’s a payment check to see if remaining total is 0 and if so, Status=Paid and then ticket is marked closed, updating new orders to Status=Submitted, etc.

The print bill automation just prints a bill and locks a ticket. If you execute the print bill automation via the ticket and it prints the bill but doesn’t close the ticket (not settle or anything, just closes it from being in view) you may have to add a close ticket action to the print bill rule.