Print directly as a pre-payment

can someone help me?
I want have pre-payment. Eveytime someone come I need put in a table, then print bill but need to do settle to finish. I want have an option, like no table ( can be a new entity - bar ) and just ask kind of payment, print and as the same time close and start the the order.
Problem this is a stupid question, I¨m a bit confused…

By design, you cannot Close (i.e. “park”) a Ticket that has no Entity assigned to it.

You can take Orders on a Ticket, and Print that Ticket (to the Kitchen, Bar, Customer Bill, etc.), but you will not be able to Close (i.e. “park”) the Ticket until it has an Entity (Table, Customer, etc.), or it has been Settled (Paid).

There is no requirement to select an Entity if you know it is going to be Settled immediately, but you cannot Close (i.e. “park”) a Ticket without an Entity.

In order to accomplish what you want, you need to set up an Entity, and perhaps via Automation, have that Entity assigned to the Ticket as soon as it begins.

Thank you, but how can I setup a entity for this? Can you help me?

With the help of @Jesse i have a setup that as soon as an item is added to the ticket the current logged in user is automatically assigned as the entity in the ticket. This then allows me to use me park sale rule to park a ticket, then by either using an recall parked sale button or by scanning the barcode on the parked sale receipt that prints the ticket is reloaded

Having the logged in user automatically assigned as the ticket entity also allows the switch user setup to work

Im not at my pc at the moment so cant show you the actions and rules, ill try an upload later tonight (if noone does it before me)

Is that what your looking for??

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Hi, this is what I want
I already have a entity called restaurant with tables, everything, everytime I print bill, I need to do settle, etc.
The thing I want is another entity, I can call bar, when someone come instead of settle buttons I have some buttons like cash, card, etc. To finish in that moment, no park, just paid. Like a bar, the guest come ask for a drink and pay. Do you understand me, I’m not sure if I can explain the best way.

So basically you just need to create a new department called bar and then set the ticket creation (i think its called) to create ticket instead of loading an entity, when the bar department is pressed it will load straight to the pos screen. You can then customise your buttons to appear on this depatment such as your cash, card etc

Its not an entity you need just a new department called bar :slight_smile:

yes, exactly!
can you help me?
I really appreciate.
Thank you so much

Create a new department called bar and then set up as below

Having it set as create ticket will go straight to pos screen when that department is clicked on

this is amazing, now in the new departement, how can i change settle and close to cash, card…

I just want to correct some terms being used here

Restaurant, Bar - these are Departments
Table, Customer, User, Supplier, Employee - these are Entities.

No matter how you have your Department and Ticket Type set up (the settings to choose from are Select Entity and Create Ticket), you will still not be able to “park” a Ticket without an Entity assigned to it. You must either choose an Entity or Settle it.

The Ticket Creation Method (in the Department settings) is a behavioral setting.

  • Select Entity : forces the user to choose an Entity before a Ticket can be created, by displaying an Entity Screen, such as Tables or Customers.

  • Create Ticket : does not force the user to choose and Entity; instead the POS Ticket screen is always shown by default. However, you are still allowed to select an Entity if you wish.

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