Print in bar and kitchen dividing labels of order drinks and food

How can I send order labels to the correct printer, in this case AMERICAN COFFEE REFILL AND SMALL ORANGE JUICE To the bar printer, in the case of the order label SEASONAL FRUIT send to the kitchen printer, including the main dish DIVORCED EGGS.
Thank you in advance for your comments.

In sambapos those are called Order Tags. You can’t send order tags to different printers. They are under orders. The orders can be sent to different printers
It looks like you need to make those orders and group them instead of using order tags for those.

Ok, I understand, a query as I can condition that only a duplicate is printed on the kitchen printer and a copy on the bar printer of the orders that have for example the order labels “AMERICAN COFFEE REFILL” and the label "JUGO DE NARANJA CHICO .

Can you share an idea with me please.

I’m not sure what you mean by order labels.

Can you explain the overall flow your trying to do and why.

Condition to send the copy to the bar printer if it meets the condition of specific order tags. This for the kitchen to prepare the food in this case eggs and bar prepare the orange juice.

So your trying to still use order tags for print routing? I’m not sure this is the best route for you. It will be incredibly hard to maintain.

Thanks @Jesse for your answer, I will continue documenting myself for that type of scenario.

Hi @Jesse, how can you condition to print the label under one condition? Some topic that you recommend to me to document.
And one last question, any idea how to solve this functionality in another way? Based on your experience.

Probably the problem is the logic that I am applying.

I think you are over complicating something that should be simple. I don’t understand what you are trying to do. If you can help me understand why you want to do this I can maybe suggest good advice.

I want a food that is accompanied by a drink, the food is printed in the kitchen and the drink in the printer of the drink bar. In this case, the food is assigned 3 order labels COFFEE (bar printer), JUICE (bar printer and FRUIT (kitchen printer).

So those should all be products and not order tags. You can group products

There is an action that can group products. You can send them to any printer and even automate pop up’s to force selection.

Ok, it could be so nice if in the forum there is a topic of grouping products that you recommend and read to document me please.

The main thing I am telling you is that order tags will never work no Matter how much automation you try.

Look up the auto combo tutorial it shows a few examples of that action and grouping. You can get an idea of how to use it

Ok I understand, thank you very much for the advice @Jesse

If I were you, to keep it as simple as possible, I would have tagged the ticket with some sort of order number and send the exact copy of it to different printers. So all stations know it by order number or would use a group tag to highlight it that way.

That is not the most pretty method but it would work. However I think he doesn’t want to show some items on the other printers.

I agree but since you cant map order tags to print job, your options are with tickets or products.

Have a look at Intelligent Combo Builder tutorial, it shouldnt be too difficult to modify it to match what you need. You will just have to convert your order tags into actual products instead