Print Last Paid Ticket

I have followed some Tutorials (V5 and V4 Sambapos) to create a button on sale screen to print lastTicket. Ticket is Paid, Printed and closed normally.

I need to Print Last Ticket on Sale Screen. Someone knows a step by step Tutorial to Print Last Ticket from Sale Screen?

For exemple following link. I can always NOT print my last Ticket.

Print Last Receipt via Automation Command - #8 by QMcKay?

Mostlikely you make a mistake somewhere but here is one I wrote.

Maybe 2 Reasons:

1- I dont see what you have under :Message Test Action (it is not visible)
2- Under Entity Customer: I have created a new Field : LastTicketId (number string)
i have realised that is not saved.

It must be same name in Entity Customer and under AC-StoreLastTicket as shown in your Tutorial?


Forgot to paste the link.

Message would just be for testing and not needed.

What do you mean about customer entity?

i have thought that i need a field to Store last Ticket ID. I saw it in a Tutorrial. Not true?

Are you wanting to print that customers last bill or just last bill paid?

If you want to log last ticket from that customer than yes, but you would need to have selected that customer before printing else it wouldn’t know which customer it refferws to.

If general last bill paid you need to use something like a global program setting field so its always available.

Need to print only last paid Ticket. (with customer or without customer)

Target is: Print ticket only if the customer want to get it, otherweise no need to print. Need to save some paper…

So no, not entity field.

See my tutorial. Pretty simple to do.

The tutorial you linked to doesn’t use entity field so not sure where you got that from…

In your Tutorial, i see some different fields under:
Rules, select Actions: Update Programme Setting.

possible to use another action for this ?

I followed this tutorial too, really no success. I reapeated Process several times.
I really dont know what s wrong with my steps .

Show your steps you did.

i make exactly the same as described in this link. I make sscreenshots in a while and send you

Following steps are done:
1- Action to store Last Ticket ID using Update Programme Setting
2- This action added into Print Bill Rule with Mappings
3- Automation Command Button is created
4- Load Ticket Action is created.
5- Rule is Created for Automation Command.

I make same with V5 and 4, to see the problem.

last print.pdf (208.7 KB)

@Jesse I sent you all steps in a pdf file.

@Sonnmatt Showing your steps of what you did will give you better feedback and help others in the community if they have the same problem.

@Adam1 all what i did to print last Ticket, are in pdf file. It is visible on it. But Problem is not resolved,i cannot print my last paid and closed Ticket. Any Proposition?

Try changing the setting name to: {LOCAL SETTING:LastTicketId}.
Opps. sorry forgot the local setting option is set to False, meaning it is global setting. Change the setting to {GLOBAL SETTING:LastTicketId}