Print Last Paid Ticket

@Bob_be You have followed this Tutorial ? ( And Change the name?)

@Bob_be you mean like this?


Yes, I use one of the above mentioned tutorials, I don’t remember right off hand which one…

At some time in the past, the tag to access the settings changed.

  • To access the settings when “Is Local” is True, use {LOCAL SETTING:x}.
  • To access the settings when “Is Local” is False, use {GLOBAL SETTING:x}.

{SETTING:x} will work sometimes. That why it’s a good habit to use the above methods instead.

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i have following: What am i doing wrong with this Steps?

  • Action to store last ticket

-Rule for This action

-Automation Command

I want to make sure you understand what is happing. It looks you have it setup with a button to print the bill.

  • When pressed, it will store the Ticket ID in the settings.
  • You have another button called PrintLastBill, when pressed it print the last bill printed.

One problem with that setup is: If any terminal prints a bill in-between the 2 steps above, that will become the new Print Last Bill.

Some of you setups do not look correct:
AutomationCommanName should have some spaces. Select it from the drop down an all of your rules.
{LastTicketId} is not a valid tag. It is storing the literal text of {LastTicketId}. You want to store the Ticket Id there. The proper tag should be {TICKET ID}.

I suggest to start over and use @JTRTech tutorial. Where ever it show to put {SETTING:LASTBILL_{:CURRENTTERMINAL}} use `{GLOBAL SETTING:LASTBILL_{:CURRENTTERMINAL}}’

This will eliminate the possibility of another terminal over-writing the setting (it uses terminal names in the setting names). If you are only using 1 terminal, and add another terminal in the future, you will not have to re-do anything with the print last bill.


  • Automation Command Name has space between in software. It is OK.
  • Tag is replaced per {TICKET ID}
  • i have only one Device, no other Terminal.

Stil Not Possible :slight_smile:

What version of Samba are you using?

@Bob_be i have both. 5 and 4. Most of Tutorials are made for v4. I have installed this one in other computer. I would like to see why it is not going. But no success !!!

maybe i need to say: in Ticket Closing i have rule, after payment ticket is printed and closed automatically. Problem?

If your wanting to print a ticket after payment, that sounds sensible to me. Look at JTR’s rules on how he did it.

Make sure when you are testing you are setting the Ticket Id before trying the Print Last Ticket. If you make changes in the Rules and go directly to Print Last Ticket, the Ticket Id may not be set.

The space in carried field from action is a best practice as it is posible to specify a rule specific variable in square brackets with the same name which is a PITA to debug if you didn’t realise the issue.
Using field names with spaces is sure way to avoid this potential issue.
The name of a carried field is irrelevant so long as you know what it relates to its all good but recommend at least 2 words with a space for above reason.

@Bob_be Maybe there is another Way to print/or not Print a Ticket just after Payment?
Going to Ticket, open this and Print it again wiht Print Bill, takes time. Need a short way to print if needed.

@Sonnmatt these tutorials work, mine is in use atm in many places.
You have had at least one issue pointed out to you…

You can have print as an optional end of sale prompt.
Not sure if it was added but I’m sure my show change tutorial included optional adding for optional print copy receipt below change.

@JTRTech you mean this 2 tutorials are good?

-Print Last Receipt via Automation Command - #8 by QMcKay

@JTRTech you have maybe any tutorial or a link for another solution?
Target is: Print or not Print last ticket. It must be optional.

Basicicly you want optional receipt?
You would use an ask question on payment processed for print or not and have a print bill rule using ask question command name with command value =yes or whatever you set for your buttons.
This shouldn’t need id saving if on payment processed as ticket would still be open.
I use this on my show change message which shows whenever there is change due or transaction over £20 to give additional chance to print receipt for cash transactions.
Card always gets a print as we staple it with the pdq receipt for our records.

This looks similar to an issue I had - Print Last Bill