Print order list

I’m using V4. Facing problem when i want to print order list. this is a list which is similar to kitchen order but it is output to the cashier to check the order. i tried to duplicate the setting it can print first time enter order but when add order it will print the first order and also the add order. example i order 10 items first time then 2nd time i order 2 item the order list will come out as 12 item. my kitchen order is fine my first order 10 items it will show 10 items and 2nd time add 2 items it will just show 2 item.
the print kitchen order is default so i assume it will work fine and i add the print order list on my own so any rules or action that i might be looking out for? i try copy from the print kitchen order setting but i might have missed something

The kitchen print will be printing new orders only.
If understand right you want to do same on receipt printer for cashier?
Am not by the pc atm to check but pretty sure the order state map/filter will be in the print job setting.