Printer set up still a problem

I had to re-post this ,because setting up the printer is really proving to be a nightmare for me.
i have gone through all what that have been posted before but still i cant get the solution. I have seen some of you complaining of the same issue,some of you got the solutions so kindly assist.


1 server
1 pos terminal for Bar connected via usb printer (posiflex pp800)

1 pos terminal for Restaurant connected via Usb printer (posiflex pp800)

1 LAN printer connected as a kitchen printer (posiflex pp6900 u)

set up on the server
on the server side i installed the LAN printer and shared the printer the printer on the network
Then i created a print job for the server,so you can still us the server to post bills and to cash out billls
I have also created print job for terminal 1 and print job for terminal 2.check on the screen shot bellow

i also created ticket closing rule for each terminal as shown

i also installed the usb printers to till 1 and till 2 respective then i shared them.The reason why i had to share is to make it easy for someone who is using the server to post order either to bar or kitchen while using the server terminal ,since the server doesn’t have individual printer attached to it

So on the till terminal i have installed my usb printer and shared,the same thing i have done on till 2. i also created the printer job for each printer and ticket closing rule for each terminal.

The problem is i keep getting this Error message "invalid print template " whenever i am trying to use the till to post the order or the bill

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