Printing by department

How do you setup different departments with different bill printers? please tell me how to do this.

Also I would like to know how to print the same product from two different menus to different printers.

Thank you

The rule that handles the print job can be mapped to department.

Like this?

One department is called Windmill other is Zucchini and they 80meter apart so need them to run on their own printers

BUT we share zucchini kitchen for hot plates and windmill kitchen for cold plates, so it get confusing for me.

Thank you for the help

Thank you @Jesse
As said, I cloned the action (Execute Print job) for the new department and mapped to right department in the (Print Bill) rule

Now only to choose what products get printed at what printer! Where do I choose that?

So a item or product with a barcode, but bought at different Departments gets printed in different kitchens.

Product mapping is handled by print jobs.

so you can’t have a group category called say “Cold Drinks” and have it on both departments tills, it will need to be called Cold Drinks Department 2 as a category name on second till as you can only distinguish a certain product, meaning you cant have one product printed by different printers depending on which department selects it?

You confused me with that. You can make multiple print jobs and you can make multiple actions for them. You don’t have to use one print job. You can make multiple rules as well and map them to whichever dept you want


You can please read above.

I’ll explain again but in better grammar:

I order a coke from department 1 and it must print at bar printer 1 but when I order the same coke product (same barcode) from department 2 it must print at bar printer 2, but the same group code is used (Cold Drinks) under the products list in menu, that is my problem.

Is there a way to do it or must I create a new group code for department 2 (Cold Drinks 2) ? I know I can get that to work but I though I could print at bar printer 2 by default because I’m using department 2 till.

You can make two print jobs for the same product each with the different printers. Map those to two different rules with the appropriate actions to execute the appropriate print job. Map each rule to the corresponding department

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