Printing Custom Discount Vouchers

I recently implemented this feature on my POS and would like to share it with you guys that might find it useful.

In this example I will guide you on how to create a Discount Voucher which you print through SambaPOS via a Automation Command. You can also have these vouchers print automatically when a certain amount is spent.

  1. Create a Bitmap Image with your Discount Offer, for this example I created a 10% Discount on Entire Bill. See attached Image:

  2. Either place this in a directory, i.e C:\ or load this into your printer memory.

  3. Create a Automation Command as shown below and add default mapping. (I choose to map this to admin users only)

  4. Create a new Printer Template as shown below:

I used <XCT> commands as my logo and voucher images are loaded into the printers memory. If you are keeping your files on your local drive, replace these with <BMP> command and directory location i.e



5 Create a new Print Job as shown below:

6 Create a new Action as shown below:

7 Create a new Rule as shown below:

You will now see a 10% Voucher Button on your POS Screen:

You can then hand these vouchers out to your customers:

You can then create a New Rule and set this voucher to print automatically if a certain spend is reached, i.e: If spend is over £19.99 then print 10% Voucher once the bill has been settled.



GREAT!!! I will implement this!!!

thanks for sharing!!!


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@Isaac, wow. nice, thanks… not to far from the café. We are based at 40 High street

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Dear @JohnS and @Isaac and @emre, is there any chance to print this automatically whenever a ticket is a specified sum or more… for example…

ticket between 50 and 99.99 print 5% voucher
ticket equal or more than 100 print 10% voucher

could that be accomplished thru rules?



@morshed1, in harefield?

@Isaac, yes, Nabab Harefied :smile:

Really? I did not know. Okay book me in for a curry today table for 2 and a half, 7pm :slight_smile:

With SambaPOS everything is possible @gerlandog

I have updated my main post with how to create a rule for auto printing.

lol, I have been helping my brother out implementing the SAMBAPOS, he own the place… your more then welcome.

I have never been there, but was planning a curry today, so I will try to visit, whats your names? If you give me his sql password I can walk in with my tablet and place my own order, lol.

Morshed is my name. I’ll be there tomorrow and Saturday. You won’t be disappointed with the curry.

@Morshed, okay see you around.

Either the world is small or SambaPOS usage is spreading like a Wild Fire.

@Isaac, Sambapos is the best EPOS software and its going places around the world. I have learnt so much and still learning. Thanks to @emre, @JohnS and the other users on the forum.


Remember you will need to do all of the above twice one for your 5% Voucher and one for your 10% voucher.

You will then set seperate rules to trigger the printing the correct templates for your spend amounts.

Thnaks @Isaac, yes I did all that twice one for 10 and one for 5%… I will try now with the automatic print rule, to see what I get!!!



@Isaac, the rule you created with the “Ticket Closing” Event will print the voucher every time you leave the ticket and the ticket is between 49.99 and 100, for example you have an open ticket and would like to add an order and the vale of the ticket is 55, this rule wll print the voucher…



You need to also add
Total Remaining = 0
To the constraints so it will only print when full payment has been made.

PS - Set Execute rule if MATCH ALL

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Great Idea and great tutorial.
This topic clearly shows there is really nothing special with SambaPOS. It is just a dumb software. SambaPOS is the best software because best people with amazing skills using it. I’m proud of being a part of it. Thank you very much for sharing…

PS:Instead of before ticket closing we can use Payment Processed rule and check remaining amount like @JohnS said.

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Thanks @Emre & @JohnS

OP updated with changes.

@gerlandog, use this as a guide, it worked great for me:

This seems to be working great I tried using the Payment Processed Event as @Emre suggested but I did not have a constraint option for Total Amount so used the Ticket Closing Event instead.

Thanks @Isaac!!!

I tried it but instead of using Ticket Closing event I used Payment Processed since I thing that Using Ticket Closing event will trigger the rule every time I close a ticket (that means adding order to a ticket)…

Am I right?