Printing Custom Discount Vouchers

I have implemented all of the above… buttons to print vouchers works great… but when I can not make samba print the voucher automatically…

to make a proof of concept instead of printing I am trying to display a message on screen…
I tried with “Ticket Closing” rule and “Payment Processed” rule, but no message…



Have you done your mappings?

YES, I eve tried with all * in mappings…

for some reason the rule is not beeing triggered, since i removed all the custom contrain list and still does not execute!

will continue trying


PS, its not working for me…

In your Actions, can you put back your Execute Print 10% Voucher

Log Out and Back In.

Create a new ticket for 150.00 and Settle Ticket in Full.

It should then print.

I noticed you are doing this in TR Mode, have you all your Printer Templates, Print Jobs, Actions, Rules all in Place

no… not working… I may be doing something wrong, but cannot see where… will go step by step again, to check it… strange, jajajajajajajajajajaj


Have set a Print Job? Screenshot? Or attach DB?

@gerlandog, in that rule above you have Total Amount Equals 99.99. That should be Total Amount Less 100

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Works fine for me.
Delete the Rule and try again.

Dear @JohnS, my rule is this…

and I cannot get it working… will try in a few moments again to se what happens…


You need to use Before Ticket Closing Event.
Total Amount is not available in Payment Processed - only Processed Amount.

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@gerlandog, you are making simple errors. You are spelling Total Amount in one word. Also Total Amount is not a valid constraint in Payment Processed Event.

Set Event Name: Ticket Closing

Execute rule if Matches All

Remaining Amount Equals 0.00
Total Amount Greater 99.99
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@gerlandog, I think I get your problem. If you change Rule Event and you are using variable names in your Actions ([:ProcessedAmount], etc), these are specific to certain rules. You need to remove the Action, then add the Action again to see the new variables.

When testing use plain text like “10% Voucher”, or “Hello :)”

I must be some kind of !@#$!@

it works now!!!

Thanks again!!!


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Dear @JohnS, @emre and @Isaac, I have been using this feature and works great!!!
the only thing that I found is that when payments are not in one, for example three persons will settle a 60 bill and each pays 20, the cupon will not pirnt since the Total amount each time is lees than 50. But if one of the payments is more than 50 then the cupon will print.

Is there any variable that could be invoked instead of total amount? something like [:TicketTotal]?



@gerlandog, the way it works is that it only prints when the ticket is paid in full and the Ticket Total is greater than 50.
[:TotalAmount] will always be Ticket Total, even if it is split.

Can you please post a screen shot of the Rule.

YES I CAN!!! but [:TotalAmount] will do the trick, I think!!!, jajjajajajajajajaja

10% Voucher

5% Voucher

I think that i have to replace “Procesed Amount” with “[:TotalAmount]”



Sorry @JohnS, but [:TotalAmount] will not work either… it does nothing…



Haha :slight_smile: John already said he is talking about Before Ticket Closed event.

Can you try {TICKET TOTAL}? I can’t test it now but it may work.

The screen shots you have provided trigger on Payment Processed event - that is whenever you take a payment, be it part or full payment. [:TotalAmount] is not available for this event. So the rule works on the payments made and not Ticket Total Amount.
If you change the event to Before Ticket Closing, [:TotalAmount] is available - but you need to remove all constraints and re-add them so you have the correct tags. Just changing the event does not refresh the tags.
This way only vouchers print when the Ticket is paid in full and Ticket Total is over 50.

WELL WELL WELL… {TICKET TOTAL} did the trick!!! thanks @emre
@JohnS, sorry, I was in some kind of hurry and did not read all… sorry again!!!