Printing Format related Question

Hello Good day to Y’all,

I started formating my print template and I am having some troubles to understand and impland my template. Any thoughts will be a great help.

My first question is

  1. I use a normal windows printer to print the customer ticket and two pos printers two individual stations. in the main Printer I would like to print in A5 format since its the format i have been using for a very long time. But i have no idea in formatting it.

Second question is

  1. I know that its possible to have horizontal lines in templates but is it possible to have a vertical line so it could show as a table.

THANKS in advance !!
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Not sure if this will help or if you’ve read through it, but might be worth a shot.

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Haven’t tried but think you might struggle with vertical lines using ESC/POS code.
With a ‘same space’ font you could possibly get basic vertical line emulation using ’ | ’ but that would only really work for far left and right as most content will be variable length spacing would be an issue.
It would be a bit like when you used to send line pictures by text using font symbols as the fixed width ment you could align vertically by adding spaces.

I think your best bet would be trying to use HTML as you might be able to style tables to suite your needs. Not sure on compatibility with printer.


Thanks for the Reply Guys !!