Printing from a Lynx Tablet with local database

Im having a problem printing from my tablet which is connected to the server via wireless network. I can print from the server and the tablet is configured so it only prints the kitchen ticket.
My printer is set up on the tablet and i can print a test page on it but when i select the print from Samba it says Printer Name is invalid.

I have tried uninstalling the printer and restarting samba but im stuck on what the cause may be.

How is the printer connected? USB? Ethernet? Wireless?

Is the printer Shared on the Server?

Show your Windows Printer Properties and SambaPOS Printer Configuration.

the printer is attached by an ethernet cable into a wifi extender in the kitchen. The extender is linked to the wifi routed which the server is connected to.

does kitchen print work from server machine?

if so, ensure on your tablet the name of printer in windows matches exactly as it shows on server machine. then in samba match the printer name and it should work

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I have already done this and still no success

I did it too, and I had success.

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You missed the other question;

Yes the kitchen printer works from the server fine

OK, and you have the printer setup in windows on the tablet right?

Can you do a windows test print?

yes the printer is set up and i can print a test page from the tablet

Is it a shared printer from the server or configured to print directly via the network?

its configured to print directly

And when do you get the error, when selecting the printer name in the printer config in samba or when printing?

When i am taking an order and then send it to print

can you show screenshot of your printers list and the printer settings tab in samba?

Can you please send a screenshot of windows kitchen printer and samba kitchen printer settings please

I have left the restaurant now but once i get to the restaurant tomorrow I will get the screenshots on here

This is the settings tab for the server printer:

and the printer setup on the server:

and on the tablet the setup tab is:

and the tablet printer setting:

and the error i get when printing is:

I hope this helps

Can you show your samba printers list also please

is it the list of printers in samba you want?