Printing Grouped Items

Im struggling to get items and order tags grouped on the. Im currently using the Merge Lines as Merge which groups the same items which share the same order tags together.

Here my Print Template

-- General layout
<c12>Order No 
<C23>{TICKET TAG:OrderNo}
<j01>{ENTITY NAME:Customers}
<j01>{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Phone}
<j01>{ENTITY DATA:Customers:House No}  {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Street}  {ENTITY DATA:Customers:PostCode}
<j01>{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Notes}
<c00>{DATE} - {TIME}
[<J10>Total Gift|     {ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
[<J10>|Total|     {TICKET TOTAL}]
[<L00>CC Info  {TICKET TAG:CCtype} ({TICKET TAG:CCdigits})]



{ORDER STATE:Note To Kitchen}
<J00>- {QUANTITY} x {NAME}|**GIFT**

What im trying todo is create a recipt for a person who bags all the items. at the moment the recipt would read
2 x Half Peri Chicken Meal
1 x Half Peri Chicken Meal
-Spicy Rice

I want it to read like this


2 x Half Peri Chicken Meal 13.98
1 x Half Peri Chicken Meal 6.99
-Spicy Rice

Order Includes
2x Pepsi
2x Chips

So it groups the order tags

Check the ticket level expressions for order tag related expressions. If there is possible template code it will need to be in the main layout section so doesn’t repeat. This means the expression needs to be in the ticket section of the list rather than orders section which only work within the orders lopp part of the template

on the ticket level expressions theres only ‘ORDER TAG TOTAL’ but this wont list them.

is there anyway to loop the order again, coz idea i has was to reloop the ordertags on it own then merge them

Hmm… I’m interested. But shouldn’t it be 3xPepsi?

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Lol it should be
3 Pepsi
2 chips
1 rice

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rice looks like a siding. how can we differ these…

or we’ll have

3 pepsi
2 chips
2 mild
1 rice
1 medium

They are all listed like tags in a combo type setup.

  • spice level presumeably no value
  • side of rice/chips
  • drink choice

Guess rice and chips would be in same tag type/group so perhaps a list tag group count expression although that would then be a fixed format unless there was a new section type.

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Both are possible. Expressions generally returns a single summary value. So having a new section might be a better idea. But implementing an expression / tag type might be useful to summarize items more easily. I’ll think about that.

Maybe more like a report expression where you set fields order if it was a one liner.
Section like other obviously allows full flexability of other sections. Specifying tag types after header like states on orders in default template for voids on kitchen print and gift etc.


edit: however this is not really an expression. how should we name this? Maybe just {ORDER TAG DETAILS:x} will be better. I’ll check if that name used somewhere else or not.

I’m testing it on @QMcKay’s sample. I think we invented something new :slight_smile:

Yes it would be lol applogies

They are all sidings, i was trying to reaserch weather a order tag could actually select a product from another category of products, so example chips order tag would select the chips product so when printing i could just print all order products without order tags,

This would help greating in bump screens, becuase in a takeaway chain the screen for the fryer section would have all the chips on one tab on his screen. (but this would be a diffrent topic)

My laptop charge is dying, I’ll add few expressions to filter by tag group name easier. It will be ready for next update.


I tested it on ticket template but you can implement it for kitchen order template too.

Fantastic great stuff thanks :slight_smile:

Nice one :wink: sure that will be used allot. Probably allot of people that might not have asked or known they wanted but see it and think actually that’s handy.

I completed required expressions however it missed the 5.2.12 release. It will be available on 5.2.13 beta.

By using OTNC (Order Tag Name Contains) expression you can supply a comma delimited list of order tag names to filter order tags.


Been testing this all good and well except when you use product quantity so 2x burger meal and you have chips. the order tag would only show 1 on the recipt, unless you put each item in individually it should be 15 chips 15 7up

Other than that actually works really well

Show your printer template?