Setting up basic Buy 4 get 1 free promo not working

Out of interest do those budwiser get combined ok on ticket close? Tags are same so the 3.40 ones should I guess.

Any items with the promotion applied don’t merge. I was surprised the “identical” ones didn’t merge though.

Don’t merge on print either I guess?

We never half merge orders. It only works if it can merge all new orders of a single product. However it will merge on printout like any other orders.

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Calculations works for whole ticket and distributes to ALL orders by weighted average. Promotions distributes to only promotion items. It does not affect non promotion items. That’s why I didn’t implemented it by using calculations.

We integrate ticket level calculations to accounting to be able to track tips, service amounts or discounts made by employees but we don’t integrate price modifications we do on order level, like decreasing price when customer does not want cheese. Order level discounts are in gray area I think. If they are in the control of staff we may think about integrating them to accounting to be able to track how much discounts are made by employees but automated promotions are just a different pricing model and if it is the case I need to understand why promotions should be tracked under a separate account.

btw it is fairly complex request. We need to skip calculating these order tag amounts to be able to find pre-discount ticket total, apply calculation amount and while calculating order cost we need to distribute calculation total back to promotion items. We need a really good reason to attempt to implement that :slight_smile:

Edit: I recently saw @Jesse’s comment. Yes we also need to think about combo promotions. We need to apply the discount to be able to print correct combo prices I think…

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At the hotel our promotions are not just taken off order price/sales. We account for them as marketing.
As example our locals discount is 10% on drinks and 20% on food.
These are done through a string of rules to update a calculation using a formula to count wet/dry order total value and update calculation/discount.
The PMS intergration then codes these two discount calculations to specific account codes in PMS under marketing with a wet dry split for reference.
An example where I would have liked to use the promo function would be Sunday roasts. We offer a free selected drink with roast main.
Currently we have a set of zero priced products for the free drinks which are rang in manually and at stocktake we use order/plus report to make a manual adjustment from marketing (credit) to sales (debit) so that gp etc is calculated as it it were sold but is paid for from marketing account/budget.
I would ideally prefer in that example that the drink is rang in as normal and using above logic for promo discount applied to the value of applicable drinks.
Doing this with automation is messy and hard to maintain. The above example is a simpler on and we would like to offer more promos and to work automatically rather than rely on staff.
The use of calculations rather than tags works with the PMS intergration and in my mind if a cleaner solution.
The ticket level adjustments for promotions is the way I see most places like Tesco etc apply them.

Why would it have to be applied back to the promotion items?

We need to apply them to calculate order cost…

If we give 1 coke for 1 Hamburger and decided to distribute discount I guess it should decrease Hamburger profit.

But if there was option to use calculation order price would remain retail. And the discount reduce the overall ticket total.
The discount/calculation method would not want to reduce the product sales value as discounts would be accounted for as separate account.
Perhaps a better way to request would be a separate similar action but to update calculation?
The bit I want to try and take advantage of is the initial x for y logic which is very hard to achive through other automation.

Do you mean you’re OK if coke discount distributes to whole ticket?

Ok, get what you mean now, which is why we had to adjust the product sales report to not include discount. As the existing local food/drink discounts are as you say distributed.
Can’t remember if I tweaked the report using different total expression or calculated as price x quantity.
As said out reporting model is face value for orders and discounts are accounted for as separate line. In case of locals discount scheme or say the Sunday offer mentions these get charged to marketing budget. They specificly are not delt with off product sales value as this would reduction department gp for a marketing reason. Waste/mistakes would count as a GP reduction as managers can reduce this however marketing schemes are generally decided at higher level by GM/director and a marketing budget is allocated for such promotions

Personally I would say that on that bases that calculations should have the option as to wether they are reflected on order sales value or not.
Plain discount for example should not nesercerally have to reduce the reported sales revenue of a perticular product if for example as I described you account for calculations as separate accounts.

So on that basis I have a question? We don’t process tips through the till. However if we did or did service charge would that positive value be distributed accross all products on ticket? That doesn’t seem right to me. Especially for say tips which should not effect value of product/sales.

We had similar reporting niggle when switched to tablet ordering, as we then switched to order tags for mixers so prints clearly show what mixer is with what drink however then discovered that even a non ‘add to order price’ tages are reported as value for that product, which again should be an option as you then get as exadurated gp on say gin where mixer value is reported as gin value. Again the adjusted report shows only order value and tags reported seperatly.
I understand the reason why it’s like that as for add-ons/extras it works however unless you went with a more complex combo setup mixers as orders isn’t as clear when drinks are prepaired by seperatly staff as merging/sorting becomes confusing. If it was a whisky then a bottle of coke would that be a straight whiskey and a Coke or a whisky and coke mixer?

Sorry if I misunderstood the question but I guess that will be a straight whiskey if coke configured as a modifier. If it sold separately it will be a whisky and coke… :slight_smile:

It was an example for the need to use tag for mixers when using tablets/remote drink prep. The issue in question was the inclusion of the coke tag as whisky value as this then makes profit/go on whisky higher and coke lower. It is slightly off topic of origional query but was trying to elaborate on how we report our sales to try and show that at least for this hotel group that discounts would not be deducted from product value/sales but accounted for as it’s own line within marketing budget.

The other question was then is tip is configured as a calculation does that additional income get distributed to orders on that ticket in a similar way as discount gets distributed?

It depends. While calculating prices for orders on payment screen yes all calculations are distributed. While calculating product based profit only pre-tax calculations are distributed. Calculations that gets calculated after tax calculation does not distribute. So if Tip is configured as pre-tax calculation it distributes, if it configured as after-tax calculation it does not distributes.

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Ok, guess that makes sense although as ticket level items think it should be an option as to distribution.
Either way we digress, is there any viability to having a way to calculate or pass the calculated value of a promo using the logic above to a calculation?
With our adjusted reports the distribution is not relivent to our system although still think that distribution should be optional.
I understand a pre tax calculation may need to be calculated as distributed in order to estimate the applicable taxes although this to me is still vaigue as if you have multiple taxes for different products the shown tax amounts will not be clear based on full value on orders, a discount calculation and then a tax amount which doesn’t directly coraspond to said orders due to ‘silent’ discount distribution. Digressing again… LOL

You should be able to transfer promotion total to a calculation and untag all orders but I’m not sure this is what you need exactly as moving them to a calculation will lead to different distribution issues. I don’t know if it makes sense to move already distributed promotions to a calculation and try to re-distribute them properly.

Just want to say, this may just be an assumption. Just because Tesco lists all the promotions at the bottom of the receipt, it’s just for presentation sake - it looks nice to show the customer all the savings in one place then a savings total. I also like this approach. There is nothing to say you can’t do that in SambaPOS on the receipt (yes I know this is not related to your calculation question), just hide the Promotion order tag group on order lines and then at the end, you can use {ORDER TAG DETAILS:X} to display the total for each promotion then {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} to display the total of all promotions (total saved).

@JTRTech here is MG and MN :smiley: