Printing orders before closing the bill?

Hey all, I have a small Bar in Thailand. And hoping SambaPOS will meet my needs.

I need to print off orders as we go without closing off the ticket.

for instance cutomer orders a drink I print off a copy of what he orders for him while keeping his account open. he orders a 2nd I print off 2nd reciept showng 2 drinks ordered. would need to do this for 40 odd customers untl settle up at the end of the night is this possible with Samba?

TY in advance

Yes, either use tables, customers or similar entity type or ticket tags.

For locals and bar tabs I opt for ticket tags with a temp tab setup like below as diesnt require entity creation and doesnt save like customers do which may lead to multi spelling duplication and reusing of customer for just customer with same name.

This is my temp tab setup

But if they are sitting at tables or positions you can base it on positions tables are ideal.

physical prints each addition seems a little wasteful though. We don’t print each time, just run a tab and print when the pay.

Yes, you can create a print bill action that prints only new orders. So the order that were already submitted are on a previous bill.

I agree on the waste but its how its done here unfortunately

As above for keeping tickets open without payment, tables are on default setup so should already have.
As for printing, print bill is there by default, if you want automatic then would need to tweek automation.
I’d sugest before ticket closing with ticket status of new orders using default print bill action, that will print new full print on closing but only when new orders are added rather than just on ticket closing.

Why not add the bar products to the “Print Orders to Kitchen Printer” print job and map those to the bar printer and bar printer template? The default rule is already there and, presumably, firing on every ticket close already.