Printing Page Number


Is there a way that i can print Page Numbers on kitchen printing like page 1/3, 2/3, 3/3

Since every episode printer is continuous roll printer perhaps you can elaborate your definition of pages? Are you using a normal sheet printer?

Even if its a continuous printer and we print multiple Kitchen Tickets from one single order (to different kitchens on a single printer or on multiple printers), if we can get a page number on each page it would be helpful.

Sorry but why can’t order number work?

My planned setup for dual kitchen printer will print all kitchen orders to both printers but orders for that section will be in bold.
I dont see the point in just printing that sections orders - even if they had page number they then have to shout/ask/remember the time for other tickets orders.
I will print all and highlight theirs that way they know exactly what is needed from other areas and if they should delay as another section has a long prep item or get done asap.

Even if there is order number the waiters are not able to identify whether more ites from another kitchen has to arrive before serving.

My client has 6 different kitchens and items from order are printed the their respective kitchens. Once the items are prepared they are delivered to a serving area with the attached kitchen ticket. Waiters doesnt know whether more items from another kitchen has to arrive before serving to the guest. Can you suggest any other method which give awareness to the waiters that additional items from another kitchen are to be arrived before serving.

If we have a page number or some other method to identify that would help the waiters and they can wait for those items to arrive . If order is printed to 4 kitchens and if the ticket shows some thing like Page 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 on each ticket, waiters can identify and once all the 4 ticket items arrive at the serving area.

Depends how your mapping to those printers. If you map through something you can report on you could use a ticket order report expression to count orders that match said condition.
It’s not counting the printed orders but counting the orders on ticket which match a constraint which matches your printer mapping setup.

I could not understand what JTRTech meant. Kindly elaborate.

Even an option to show the number of items printed on each ticket would also solve the issue. I can use the value returned and use {ORDER COUNT} option to show how many items are printed on each ticket out of the total items in that order

Your terminology needs correcting and will help put everyone on same page.

What you refer to as items are ORDERS.
When you say total items in order, your order is TICKET is samba.
Referring to a print as a ticket is confusing so stick to saying print else it gets confusing.

If {ORDER COUNT} returns the correct count for orders on each print then look at TICKET oriented expressions. You might have to go down to report type expressions, sure there are a selection of report expressions which begin REPORT TICKET which are exactly for the is type of thing.

What I was getting out is that the ticket isn’t being split apart for each of your prints, the mapping and status is just filtering out new orders with mapping. Which means most printer template tags ate not reporting on o ly the printed items as they refer to the whole ticket, just you kitchen print setup only shows new orders.
So what I was suggesting was using report ticket order type expression with constraints for status and say custom field (which could then also be used for print job mapping so you can on the fly report a count of orders which match the same constraints for status and custom tag as used in print job to return the same count since it’s not as simple as order count as that refers to whole ticket.

can ORDER INDEX benefit you maybe? Its a printer tag that can mark orders as 1/3, 2/3, etc

Tried many methods but nothing worked. ORDER INDEX shows blank line?. Any other suggestions please

Means you used it wrong. It’s hard to know because we can’t see it

I am now totally confused with {ORDER COUNT}.

{ORDER COUNT} does not show the total items in an order but shows only the number of items printed in the kitchen

If i have 4 items in an order which is printed in 4 different printers each with 1 item, {ORDER COUNT} shows 1 on each print and does not show 4. Is there any way that i can show Total Items as 4

I did try and suggest that was a likely problem.


Think the expression you will be after will include quantity… wihtout it expressions for order count generally refer to order lines rather than total quantity.

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I tried different methods but none of them gives the total number of items in the ticket


All the above gives just the number of items printed in one single ticket (one printer). does not show total number of items in the ticket printed in different printers

There is a method and I’m pretty sure it had to do with ORDER INDEX this was asked before on here I’ll try and dig it up.