Printing receipt problem

Hello guys i was working on my printing template for receipt
and found that it works
perfectly in theory but no in papper
I wonder if there is an aumotation mistake ?

this is the rule that run first . Any help will be

still the same i dont understand why the template is showing al the ticket tags and but cant replicate the same on paper

the printer template shows me the ticket tags everything ok
but blank when it prints on paper

the ticket template is showing my ticket tags


The “Preview” button loads a sample receipt with the most recent Ticket Values in memory.
Show us a real transaction, with the actual receipt.

looks like when I press cash or credit within payment screen it prints before my ticket tags get filled …
the custom constraint used was payment processed maybe i shouldnt use this constraint

Check the sort order of your rules.

Also in that case matches is same as matches all.
Matches is AND for different variables and OR for same. Ie
Payment type = cash
Payment type = card
Ticket type = A

Would match like this;

Ticket Type A AND ( Cash OR Card)

I have changed the rule now it fires when i click settle button and runs perfectly = )
now I only need to remove the close button from payment screen
i cant find the AMC

The default is mapped to ticket and payment I beleive.

Yes I realized that I would like to print my ticket tags when cash or credit buttons are clicked
but as soon as I press the cash or credit card button it prints immediately this is because are
government requirements on every receipt so having the close button can
cause some errors

these are my rules

SO when ever I want to fill those fields it prints before I could filled those fields

Is that a question?
So you cant print a bill untill payment is made?
What errors?

Well right now the rule that fires my ask question happens when AMC equals Settle “the default Botton that Opens payment screen” so by doing so i am able to fill my cliente info but if a server fills all the info and after that clicks close Button within payment screen and then clicks settle again the ask question gets fire asking to fill the info again so a better set up Will be if were only possible to fill in the information once

Eder porque mejor no llenas la informacion del cliente antes asi. Customer info agrega los extra Field q necesitas . y luego solo seleccionas el cliente para q imprima la info.

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Que tal bueno al inicio lo hice de esa manera
Pero aquí en Perú necesitamos representar en la boleta impresa si es factura F001-000001 si es boleta B001-0000001 y así sucesivamente en secuencia numérica ascendente
Además debe llevar como título BOLETA DE VENTA ELECTRÓNICA si fuera boleta y FACTURA DE VENTA ELECTRÓNICA si fuera factura
Esto lo pude lograr gracias a los tickets tags no tengo problemas en llenar toda información y generar las secuencias numéricas que necesito así como el título ya sea boleta o factura dependiendo de que seleccione el mozo
Todo me funciona bien solo necesito otra configuración para evitar que llenen doble vez la información un mismo documento ya que se puede alterar la secuencia

Por eso preguntaba sobre una regla que permita llenar la información de los ticket tags una ves pero parece que me toca buscar jj

For that all you would need to do is add a constraint to your tag actions where you are [?prompting] for input to not prompt for that tag is value already set.

'{TICKET TAG:FANumber}' == ''

So it only asks if not tag already set.
Put that in the constraint filed on the action that updates that tag.
If you do similar for each, if you had filled out 2 but not the 3rd in that event it would only prompt for the unset one.

Or alternatively use the {TICKET TAG:FANumber} expression within the [?prompt] to set the default value so it asks but previously entered values will already be set but will then allow it to be updated if required.

Thank you Joe it works
But Ihave realized that it works well when I click the same button
Ive set up 3 buttons so when I click FACTURA it fires the fields requiered for that value everything ok then if I close payment screen and press settle again it fires the question
nothing worng there if again I press Factura button nothing happens cool till here BUT if I Choose a direfent type of document It creates another ticket Tag SO how to could I avoid that
the first 4 ticket tags are the Only ones that I need in this case after press factura so Im trying to avoid errors cause this can happens alot =/

Struggling to follow that I’m afraid.
Sounds like you need to add additional constraints not to ask if x is set but not clear to offer an example.