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So Ive scoured through the forum and have seen some stuff related to this but not an exact answer to what im looking for… Basically what is happening is when I press close the ticket prints to the kitchen as it should which is how I want it to do when I press the close button. The close button is usually used as a hold button to close the ticket after taking a call in order. However if I take a dine in order I usually take the order and then press the settle button and ring up the person. What I would like to happen is have the ticket print to the kitchen when I select settle instead of having it print after all the payments have processed. I tried to add the action to print to kitchen when the settle button is pressed but after a payment is processed and the ticket is closed the ticket prints twice. Once when the settle button is pressed then again after payment processed and ticket closes. I still also want it to print to the kitchen if the close/hold button is pressed. Any ideas of what I should edit to get this to work the way I would like?

It will print twice because the default print action is still in the ticket closing rule.
Also unless you have changed other settings having on payment processed will only work if payment is processed before first time ticket is closed because the default setup only prints NEW orders and orders are changed from NEW to SUBMITTED on ticket closing. So if you take order, close ticket (without printing) then open ticket and take payment it wouldn’t print with default action as all orders will already be submitted.

There is an easy solution and was recently discussed so surprised you didn’t see that topic;

Basically you need to either create a secconf state flow to use for printing which would give you total control over when they are printed but more easily make a rule which would print regardless of states but only prints on FINAL payment. As you can only make final payment once per ticket this would suite as you obviously don’t want multiple copies printing to kitchen for each payment or every time ticket is closed.

I havent messed much with states… I guess the new vs submitted states are basically what i need to change so the state needs to change to submitted when choosing the settle button wouldn’t that keep the order from printing again after the ticket is closing?

Just backup and be careful if your messing with default states, will easily mess system up if you go wrong…

Do not change the status flow as will mess up other things, like what buttons show on order line like void and cancel…

If you set print job to ignore states like on the linked topic and move to a payment processed rule with a remaining amount = 0 will do what it sounds like you want.

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