Problems arising from setear then triggers to implement HH

I have set two triggers, one to activate and the other to deactivate the price list for HH.
I have noticed that the system seems to be going well but when trying to put an item in Gift or in VOID, the system indicates that the change was applied but the price shown is still different from zero.
On the other hand I had a doubt, when I tested the system I did it changing the time of the system by hand and to take the change I had to leave the system completely and enter again.
Here are the doubts:
When does the system check the trigger? is consulted when the ticket is created? Is it consulted when an item is added to the previously opened ticket?
What happens if the ticket was opened before starting the HH and it is extended until the HH has begun or vice versa?

Triggers are like cron job, they are not consulted they ‘trigger’.
Pretty sure they will not fire while in a ticket.
I personally prefer the order added method of doing happy hour, order added with a time constraint to change price tag.

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thanks @JTRTech,
Where can I find more information about how it works and how to apply “order added method” and some key to configure HH

Here …

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thank you very much @QMcKay .
This post has enough complexity for me, I am going to try to follow the steps indicated but I realize that it is necessary to make changes because my situation departs a lot from the example.

My bar has the following special price situations that I would like to automate:

  1. Traditional HH every day from 6pm to 8:30 p.m.
    2 HH LATE every day from midnight to 1am
  2. Women’s night, Thursday from 6pm to 1am
  3. Birthday, for the table that celebrates birthday from 18 to 22:30

our HH is not 2x1 it is a differential price, that is, a discount is not applied, it is another price at all.

As I understood until now, points 1 and 2 should apply “change price list” but I do not know how to handle women’s tables and birthday tables. I think it should be a VIP class but with a generic name.
You think that is the best implementation.

If it were me I would treat these as separate rules/happy hour setups.
I would add a way to set a ticket tag called say ‘Offer’ with value of ‘womans night’ or ‘birthday table’ then constrain the normal happy hour rule for order added to have a constrain of {TICKET TAG:Offer} not equals the two ormaybe is null so it only does normal happy hour is offer ticket tag is not set.
The duplicate the normal happy hour rule changing the constraints to tag equals one or the other and change the time constraints and price list used.

thanks! I will try it tomorrow