Problems with printing split tickets

I am having a problem with tickets not printing correctly if I have multiple tickets at a table. If I open each ticket and print, it prints normal. But if I’m at the screen that lists the tickets and click on print bills, it will print a bill for each ticket but it looks like this

I love the new split ticket feature except I am having 2 problems with it. First, it does not print when I click on the printer button. The second is that if I click on the knife to split product into 2 or however many, it then goes to confirmation asking if I’m sure I want to split the item into 2 pcs. If I click on Cancel, it still splits the item into 2 anyways.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Could you post a screenshot of your ticket printer configuration and your ticket template, please.

at quick glance, there’s an issue under [DISCOUNTS]: {CA{CALCULATION TOTAL} should be {CALCULATION TOTAL}

You must loop and load each ticket then print it. It looks like that because it didn’t have any ticket loaded. You can use loop value action and [:Ticket Ids] to feed them into the loop.





No that is not what I had in mind. I’ll try and show you today.

But it looks like that should work. Is it working for you?

No. I haven’t changed anything yet.

I followed this tutorial Add Print Button to print selected Tickets - #14 by QMcKay

I also have no clue how to get this to print

You need to set a printer for that button in settings. Settings > Local Sertimgs> Solit Ticket

I did everything you showed except I added automation command mapped to ticket list


The problem I have now is that if I have 3 tickets at the same table, it prints 3 of the last ticket only. It prints normal now at least! The split tickets part also now prints!!

I deleted everything I did from previous tutorial and it’s working now. Now the problem I’m having is that I can print as many times as I want with the Print All Tickets button no matter what I do.

I tried changing the mappings for the Print All Tickets automation command to only New Orders,Unpaid for enabled states. I tried printing each bill separately. Both tickets were locked, yet I could still print them again with the Print All Tickets button.

I tried adding actions to update ticket state to bill requested and ticket state to locked.
I also added a Load Ticked Action before print all tickets with [:LoopValue] as Ticket Id. This will print the last bill twice and change the status for the last bill only. I can still reprint again with Print All Tickets. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

Show your rule where you have the Loop action



No I mean the rule where you have your loop action.

This one?