Processing Credit Cards

I help manage a Chinese Restaurant and we want to integrate out credit card terminal in our POS system. Does any one know if there is an add on or something for Samba to allow this to occur?

Work in progress.

There are many EFTPOS systems worldwide and each requires integration into SambaPOS. We hope to have the first round of integrations available soon.

Do you know if there is an ETA on the possible update?

Still work in progress. This is not a simple one solution for all.

JohnS why not just do one if people want to use built in credit card processing then they would have to use that one. For example the most used in my opinion would be I have integrated using there API before and it was very easy. I think I may just write a external program that pop ups when you click the credit card button. The only thing i would have to figure out is how to pass the order total from sampapos to the external programs database then mark that as paid once my external program says the authorization was good. Since i’m new to SambaPOS maybe someone point me in the direction of how to get the current order amount that you wanted to process sent to maybe a text file. Then my program could import the text file.