Product out of stock visualisation

I can’t read that to know what event your using.

a sorry the event is “Order added to ticket”

What action did you use? Did you test that action constraint? You can use show message action to test it.

Ask Question Action and Cancel Orders Action thats all…

Take the action constraint out does it work? Try putting cancel action before ask questions.

If using larger/smaller than expression you are generally best to use TN() to ensure the valcues are havdled as number not strings.


No its not working without the constrain…

I put the cancel action before but its the same its not working…

Show the Action definition for Cancel Orders.

hi @QMcKay
here is the picture

OK so that’s the wrong action. That action is not available order level. You need the cancel orders action for order level.

how i make this action i do not find the action…

Create a new action and scroll through the options until you see the cancel orders action, then select it

You should then see that actions options which from memory include the option to cancel all orders or just the last one added to the ticket

hi @RickH
i dont find the action in the list i have the german translation,
i find void but not cancel action

Show us a screen shot of the void action as to my knowledge that doesnt exist

thats the cancel action

then its a wrong translation :slight_smile:
what i need to write there @RickH

it need to be “Bestellung abbrechen”

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In the field for only last order select true or false from the dropdown box. True if you only want the last order added to be removed or false to removed all orders

Maybe @emre can update that translation to avoid confusion in the future?

thank you now it works…