Production Database

How do you access the production database?

Usually if you have to ask that question you should be very careful with what you intend to do directly to the database. The answer really depends on what database your running. Do you know what database your install is running from?

Yes, I set it run off the kitchen display database but I need to update the kitchen database. To update it I would have to set up the Kitchen Display in the production database.

I’m just pretty confused and need the help, I’m fairly new to the Samba community @kendash

You are very confused. There should only be 1 database for your entire setup. Do you have 2 completely separate systems for your kitchen and front?

No there is just one

Ok maybe we are just not on same page with communication. You said production database and kitchen database… but there is only 1 database. You are trying to send orders to a kitchen display? You have to enable message server for it to work. Here is a good tutorial to do that.

I will definitely go through that process thank you but here is the link of why I mention kitchen database and production databaseenter link description here

That is not a Kitchen database… it runs off the same database. That is one method of how you can use a kitchen screen. He offers a prebuilt database to install but if you do not know how to do that or have to ask what it is. I recommend you dont even try. Let me get you a link to a basic kitchen screen you can make yourself that will take about 15 minutes. Before you try to integrate something as complex as the system you referenced I recommend you studying it more and getting to know it more.

You will have a much better experience with Samba if you start with the basics and work your way up to the complex stuff.

Alright thank you, yes there is a lot of research I need to do.

Sorry took me a while to dig it up but here is a good basic tutorial.

And as i mentioned above you will need to enable messaging server for the kitchen display and the server. I recommend running it as a service.