Production module

Hellow i Will like to know how to setup a production process starting from the creation of a product from some inventory items, I haved seen some topics in wich they explain this process BUT the inventory items does not desapear from the stock and this is necessary because I haved just made something from them…I see a hole in the process the sambapos manage because those items have just transformed into something, please help.

did u do a purchase from the Warehouse section?

but how do i tell the pos that that purchase of 2 items with X grams transformed into 1 with X grams…? and if i used the whole batch of X grams and another whole batch of X grams the system must sum those two values into 1 value.

Then yes you have to do it manually using recipes. But ive never done that so may need someone else to help

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someone please help !

There is no hole.

Help yourself…

From that ^, this:

And more…

And more…

For basic, simple, 1:1 (1 to 1) Products, you can use the Create Recipes tool after you have configured your Products and Inventory Items…

Manage > Inventory > Recipes > Create Recipes